Turkey agreed to control Kabul airport || Спецвыпуск 29.08.2021


This is a special program from the ’ANNA NEWS’. I am Constantine Reztsov.

Turkey agreed on the Taliban’s proposal to take control of the airport in the capital of Afghanistan — the ’Al Jazeera’ TV reported while citing a Taliban source.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan noted that the Taliban have committed themselves to ensuring the security of the Kabul airport. However, they entrusted the administrative work and general operation of the airport to the Turkish specialists.

He added that Ankara didn’t accept the Taliban’s offer right away. Erdogan is sure that «incidents and casualties are possible at any moment now» — it was a reference to several attacks at the Kabul airport, which claimed at least 170 lives. In such a situation, the side that manages the airport will be responsible if incidents happen.

Ankara will resolve the matters of the cooperation with the Taliban on its own while ignoring the opinions from outside. “We won’ ask a permission” — Erdogan concluded. Earlier it was reported that Ankara officially refused to manage the airport, but Turkey intends to help the Taliban in this matter somehow — the sources in the Turkish special services reported.

The Taliban plans to send a request to Qatar for technical assistance in the operation of the Kabul airport.

Meanwhile the staff of the Turkish Embassy in Afghanistan were transferred to the same area of the Kabul airport where the Turkish servicemen are stationed.

The ’ANNA NEWS’ agency continues to monitor the events. Stay tuned

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