Turkey attacked the Kurds


1 Syria

The news website ‘Al-Masdar’ reported that the Syrian Air Force destroyed a convoy of terrorists in the mountainous region of Jebel al-Zaviya, in the south of the Idlib province. The terrorists of the ‘Horas al-Din’ group, associated with the ‘al-Qaida’ terrorist network, moved between the settlements of Deir-Sunbul and El-Baraa. As a result of the air strikes — dozens of terrorists were killed and injured. Several armored and military vehicles were destroyed as well. The ‘Al-Masdar’ added that the convoy had members of the ‘Turkestan Islamic Party’.

2 Iran

The official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Abbas Mousavi, stated during a press conference that the summit of the heads of the guarantor-countries of the ‘Astana process’ will be held soon, as a video conference. «Soon we will hold a video-conference with Turkey and Russia» — said Abbas Mousavi. He specified that a personal meeting of the heads of Russia, Iran and Turkey «remains on the agenda». According to him — the meeting will take place if the global situation with the coronavirus gets better.

3 Turkey

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense reported on Twitter that the Turkish Air Force destroyed 81 targets of the «Kurdistan Workers Party» at the north of Iraq during the operation »Eagle’s Claw», launched last night. Turkey considers the «Kurdistan Workers Party» to be a terrorist organization. «During the operation, 81 targets of the terrorists that threaten our country, nation, and our borders, were destroyed. Shelters, caches, and caves were destroyed. The airplanes returned safely to their air bases» — the ministry reported and added that it intends to «wage a fight until the last neutralized terrorist». The operation is being carried out in the northern Iraqi regions of Sinjar, Karajak, Kandil, Zap, Avashin-Basyan, and Hakurk. The Turkish Armed Forces use only aircraft to deliver targeted strikes against the »Kurdistan Workers Party».

4 Russia

The Russian President’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan, and the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Second Asian Department, Zamir Kabulov, announced that the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, and the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, will discuss the joint comprehensive action plan for the Iranian nuclear program in Moscow, on Tuesday, as well as the situation in the region, and the bilateral relations. Earlier, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, reported that the visit of Mohammad Javad Zarif to Russia on 16th of June is being planned.

5 the UK

The US Air Force reported that on Monday, an American F-15 fighter crashed during a training flight into the North Sea, off the coast of East Riding in Yorkshire, a county in the northern England. The incident happened near the cape Flamborough Head. The F-15 took off from the Royal Air Force Base ‘Lakenhit’, which is also being used by the US Air Force. The Royal Air Force Base ‘Lakenhit’ have confirmed the crash of the F-15. «At the time of the incident, the plane made a regular training flight with one pilot on board. The cause of the crash, as well as the condition of the pilot at the moment, are unknown» — the brief message explained. The »Sky News» TV reported that 4 aircraft are involved in the search and rescue operation.

6 The NATO — Turkey

The ‘DPA’ news agency reports, while citing their sources, that the Turkish authorities in the NATO are blocking the implementation of a new defense plan for the Eastern Europe, in particular — for the Baltic states and Poland. The plan was announced as a key element of NATO’s containment plan of Russia. In exchange for endorsing of the plan — Ankara requires a wider support for their interests in the region. Turkey insists on the inclusion of the Kurdish political party «Democratic Union», and the «Kurdish People’s Self-Defense Forces» in the list of terrorist organizations by other NATO members. Some NATO members refuse to do so. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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