Turkey attacked the Syrian army


1 Syria

The Syrian city of Jebla, located near the seaport of Latakia, was attacked — the government TV channel «Surya» reports. The Syrian air defense systems repelled attacks around the city. Jebla is located near the Russian air base ‘Hmeimim’.

2 Syria

The newspaper «Al-Watan» reports that the Syrian artillery returned fire at the terrorist positions on the front lines of the Neyrab-Sarakib, in the province of Idlib. According to the »Al-Watan» — earlier the terrorists from the Jabhat al-Nusra group and their allies fired at the government forces near the village of Kaminas. The hostiles suffered losses in manpower and equipment during the retaliatory strikes.

3 Syria

The ‘Al Jazeera’ TV reports that the so-called ‘armed Syrian opposition’, that supports Turkey, launched an offensive during Thursday on the position of the Syrian army in the south-eastern regions of the Idlib province. The ‘Al Jazeera’ TV specified that the attacks of the Syrian opposition are «being supported by the Turkish army.» «The Turkish special forces, supported by tanks, are participating in an offensive operation in the province of Idlib» — the ‘Al Jazeera’ reported. ‘The Sky News Arabia’ TV reports that «the Turkish artillery shelled the positions of the Syrian army before a tank attack». It was also reported that «the Syrian forces managed to destroy several Turkish armored units» near the village of Neyrab.

4 Turkey

The Turkish Foreign Ministry stated that the representatives of Turkey, Russia and Iran are working on the date of a trilateral summit on the settlement of the Syrian situation. The date of the summit will be announced when an agreement is reached between the three countries. A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed that the work on the preparations for the ‘Russia-Iran-Turkey summit’ is already underway.

5 Australia — Netherlands

The Australian Federal Police Press Service confirmed the authenticity of certain documents related to the case of the flight ‘MH17’. The documents were published by the ‘Bonanza Media’. The Dutch publication published 4 documents from the investigation of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing aircraft in the eastern Ukraine, back in July of 2014. In one of the documents, the Dutch intelligence service concludes that they do not have an information about the location of any ‘Buk’ air defense systems near the crash site of the ‘MH17’. There was also a transcript of a conversation between the Dutch police with an unnamed witness who claimed that there were 2 Ukrainian fighters in the area, a few minutes before the Boeing crashed. The Dutch prosecutors do not comment on the authenticity of the documents.

6 Germany.

A shooting took place in two hookah bars, and then on one of the squares of the city of Hanau, in the federal state of Hesse, in the central part of Germany. As a result — 9 people died, 5 were injured. ‘Ethnic Kurds may be among the victims’ — the newspaper ‘Bild’ reports while referring to their sources. The NTV reports that at least 5 Turkish citizens were killed. The ‘Bild’ reports that the attacker was a 43-years-old German citizen, Tobias R. He acted on the basis of the right-wing extremist motives. The offender was found dead at his home. His mother’s body was found next to him — the local police reported on Twitter. The German TV channel ‘ARD’ reported, while citing their sources, that the Prosecutor General’s Office of Germany will investigate this incident. The President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, called the incident in Hanau a «terrorist act of violence». According to the Russian Embassy in Germany — there were no Russian citizens among the victims. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS

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