Turkey brings weapons to Syria


1 Syria

The SANA news agency reported that Turkey sent additional weapons to the Abu Rasayn region, in the Syrian province of Hasakah. This is a new violation of the international law. It was reported that the Turkish forces delivered 4 artillery trucks to the villages of Ad-Davudiya and Anek Al-Hawa, in the region of Abu Raseyn, at the north of Hasakah. The SANA agency underlined that most of the weapons, delivered by the Turkish forces into Syria, are being distributed to the terrorists controlled by Turkey “in order to continue the criminal actions against the local population”, and “to carry out attacks on the neighboring safe areas”.

2 Russia — Iran — Turkey

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that after a teleconference on Wednesday, between the Foreign Ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran — the parties agreed to continue the separation of moderate opposition from the terrorists in the Syrian province of Idlib. The parties confirmed their commitment to the sovereignty and integrity of Syria in accordance with a UN Security Council resolution. The leading role of the «Astana format» in the Syrian settlement was confirmed as well. The Foreign Ministers also called for the intensification of the activities of the international organizations to provide the humanitarian assistance to the civilian population of Syria due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Iranian Foreign Ministry’s press service reported that the Foreign Ministers of Iran, Russia and Turkey — Mohammad Javad Zarif, Sergey Lavrov and Mevlut Cavushoglu — confirmed the next round of negotiations on the Syrian settlement, in the Astana format, on the Iranian territory.

3 The USA — Iran

Donald Trump stated that the US armed forces will open fire on the Iranian military speedboats that approach the US Navy too closely. Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he instructed the US Navy to destroy any Iranian speedboats that impede the movement of the US warships at sea. The official representative of the Iranian Armed Forces, Abolfazl Shekarchi, responded that Washington should withdraw their forces from the Middle East in order to mobilize them to fight the new coronavirus.

4 Iran — the USA

The commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Hossein Salami, responded to the statement of the US President Donald Trump about the instruction to the US Navy to destroy any Iranian speedboats that impede the US naval operations. Hossein Salami stated the the Iranian armed forces will attack the US warships that threaten the Iranian security. «We gave orders to our Navy. If a US warship or a group of US troops threatens our security — they will be attacked» — the ‘Tasnim’ news agency quoted his words. Hossein Salami added that «Iran is determined to defend the national security and water borders. A quick and decisive answer will be given at any step. The Americans have already experienced our actions in the past” — he concluded.

5 Yemen — Russia

The Yemeni government asked Russia for a help to counter the spread of the coronavirus. The Yemeni ambassador to Russia, Ahmed Salem Al Waheishi, told to the RIA NEWS that his country had already sent a list of the necessary medical equipment and supplies to Russia. The ambassador said that «after the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Yemeni government took all the measures, similar to other countries, in accordance with the WHO rules». But due to the ongoing conflict — the data on the number of the infected people isn’t accurate. The Yemeni government has so far confirmed only 1 case of a COVID-19 infection.

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