Turkey launched military operation in Iraq


Turkey launched a ground and air anti-terrorist operation in the northern Iraq — TASS reports while citing the statement from the Turkish military on Tuesday. “As part of the ‘Operation Paw’ from 27th of May, 2019 — after the artillery and air strikes, the airborne brigades started their assault on the terrorists in the northern Iraq. The ‘ATAK’ helicopters are involved in the operation. The goal of the operation is the neutralization of the terrorists and their shelters in the Hakurk region»- the statement says.

The Israeli military destroyed a Syrian air defense installation — the Israeli Defense Forces reported. According to the Israeli military — their warplane was performing a «routine flight in the north of Israel» when the Syrian air defense installation opened fire upon it. It was stated that «anti-aircraft missile fell on the Syrian territory», and the Israeli warplane «completed its mission as planned». The Israeli Defense Forces «hit the AA installation from which the missile was launched» — TASS reports. Syrian State TV channel »Syria-TV» reported about an Israeli missile attack on the village of Tell al-Shaar, in the province of Quneitra. The report mentioned «the wounded, and a damaged unit of military equipment»

A loud explosion took place in Kabul on Friday morning — TASS reports with a reference to the TOLO News. According to the TOLO News — the explosion occurred in the 9th police district, where the offices of international non-governmental organizations are located. Most of the foreigners live there as well. TOLO News reported on Twitter, with a reference to a representative of the country’s Interior Ministry, that at least 4 civilians died. 3 were wounded. 4 US servicemen were injured as well. According to the TOLO News — the explosive device was inside a car. Back in Thursday, 6 people were killed and another 6 were wounded from an explosion near the National Defense University named after Marshal Fahim, in the 5th police district of Kabul.

The Syrian troops repelled a major terrorist attack from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the former Jabhat Al-Nusra, and inflicted significant losses on the terrorists — the head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria, Viktor Kupchishin, announced. The terrorists launched an offensive against the positions of the Syrian troops in the area of the city of Kafr Nbud. The attack involved «450 terrorists, 7 tanks, 5 IFVs, and 12 pickups with heavy machine guns». In addition, the terrorists fired from 3 MLRS. The attack came from 2 directions — TASS reports. As a result of the battle — the terrorists lost 3 tanks, 2 MLRS, 1 IFV, 6 pickups with heavy machine guns, and about 100 men.

The air forces of the coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, performed another attack on the positions of the Yemeni ‘Ansar Allah’ movement, near the capital of Yemen — TASS reports while citing the ‘Sky News Arabia’. According to the coalition, «the air attack was carried out on the positions of the Hussites at the air base, located in the north of Sana’a». The coalition clarifies that the targets of the air attacks were the weapon and ammo arsenals of the ‘Ansar Allah’ movement. The coalition didn’t provide the information on the effectiveness of the bombing runs.

The terrorists of «Jabhat al-nusra» are preparing chemical attacks in the residential areas of Aleppo, and on the positions of the Syrian army — the head of the Syrian network for human rights, Ahmad Qasem, reports. “The terrorists prepare car-bombs filled with chlorine, white phosphorus and phosphates, prohibited by an international convention, as well as ‘Grad’ and ‘Slon’ rockets with warheads armed with poisonous substances, for the attacks on the residential areas of Aleppo” — RIA NEWS quoted Ahmad Kazem . “According to our data, the terrorists plan to use such weapons in the Haleb Al-Jadid neighborhoods, in the south-west, in the north of the city, in Al-Mukhandisin, and Az-Zahra” — he specified. According to the human rights activists, the terrorists store the toxic substances in a warehouse in the settlement of Al-Mansur, 10 kilometers west of the city of Aleppo.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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