Turkey sent armored vehicles to the Syrian border


1 Turkey — Syria

The Turkish high command sent a convoy of armored vehicles to the Syrian border, to ​​the Turkish-American Joint Operations Center. This was reported on Monday by the TASS with a reference to the CNN Turk. The convoy is made of tanks, armored vehicles, and trucks with ammo. The goal of the troop deployment wasn’t announced. In the recent months, the Turkish high command has been steadily increasing the presence of their troops on the border with Syria. Ankara has repeatedly announced the preparations for a new military operation in Syria, east of the Euphrates River. This area is currently controlled by the Kurdish self-defense forces. Turkey considers them to be terrorist. Despite the US support provided to the Kurdish groups — Ankara has repeatedly stated that their presence in close proximity to the Turkish border threatens the national security.

2 the USA — Russia

The second set of the US sanctions against Russia, related to the ‘case of Skripals’, came into force in the US at midnight on Monday. The second set of sanctions under »the Law on the Control of Chemical and Biological Weapons», related to the »case of Skripals» was enacted because Moscow, according to Washington, didn’t provide the guarantees, required by this very law, on the non-use of chemical and biological weapons — RIA NEWS reports. The new sanctions include the restrictions on all types of loans or other financial and technical assistance to Russia from the international financial organizations such as the World Bank and the IMF. The US will tighten the permission on the sale of a number of goods and technologies to Russia. The US will forbid the American banks to participate in the primary market of the Russian currency sovereign debt, and to issue loans to the Russian government.

3 the Gulf of Aden

In order to ensure the safety of Iranian ships, Tehran sent a destroyer to the Gulf of Aden — TASS quoted a statement of the deputy commander of the Iranian army, the Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari. According to him — «the destroyer will escort the ships in the Gulfs of Aden and Oman». On Sunday, Habibolla Sayyari announced that since recently, the Iranian armed forces escorted 5 to 6 thousands of ships in the Gulf of Aden, and in the Red Sea. They are ready to perform such task anywhere in the world.

4 Israel Gaza

In response to 3 missiles launched from the Gaza Strip — the Israeli Air Force carried out air attacks on the positions of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip — Interfax reports while citing a statement of the Israeli military. There were no reports on losses. Recently, 3 missiles were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel. 2 of them were shot down by Israeli air defense systems. There is no information about the 3rd missile. The Israeli military command confirmed that on Saturday evening, they performed several airstrikes on targets, located south of the Syrian capital Damascus. Those targets, according to Israel, were under control of Shia militias, and the Iranian ‘Quds’ forces. The goal of the air strikes was to prevent attacks on north of Israel. Earlier, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his intention to «strike the targets that threaten Israel and belong to the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in any country, wherever they are».

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