Turkey supports the terrorists in Khan Sheikhun


1 Syria

Turkish military vehicles, loaded with ammo, crossed the Syrian border and headed towards the city of Khan Sheikhun — TASS reports while citing the statement of the official representative of the Syrian Foreign Ministry. «Turkish military vehicles, loaded with ammunition, have crossed the border and are heading to the city of Khan Sheikhun, in Idlib province» — the Syrian Foreign Ministry reported. Their report mentions that the convoy entered the city of Khan Sheikhun «to help the defeated terrorists of the ‘Jabhat al-Nusra’ group, which confirms the unlimited Turkish support to the extremists». The Syrian Foreign Ministry added that Syria «strongly condemns this blatant Turkish intervention», and blames Ankara «for all the consequences of this undisguised violation of the sovereignty and the unity of Syrian territorial integrity.»

2 Syria

The Syrian army entered the city of Khan Sheikhun during the offensive operation in the province of Idlib — TASS reports while citing ‘Al-Mayadin’ TV channel. Syria lost the control over the city back in 2014. Syrian troops were able to enter the city after fierce battles with the extremists. The Syrian government forces are quickly approaching the strategic highway Hama-Aleppo. The Syrian military also took control over the checkpoint to the north-west from Khan Sheikhun. Currently, the city is surrounded by the government troops. Recently, the Syrian forces cleared the passage to the terrorist outpost in Khan Sheikhun. Before that, they liberated the town of Al-Hubayt, which is called »the gate of Idlib». Al-Hubayt opens the road to Khan Sheikhun.

3 Gibraltar

The Iranian tanker ‘Grace 1’, detained on the suspicion of violating the EU ban on oil supplies to Syria, left Gibraltar — Interfax reports with a reference to the GBC News. According to the GBC News — before sailing out, the tanker ‘Grace 1’ was renamed as ‘Adrian Darya’. It stood in Gibraltar for 46 days. The tanker was detained by a British request, on the suspicion of a violation of the EU ban on oil supplies to Syria. Soon the tanker was released, since Tehran assured in a written form that the cargo won’t be delivered to Syria. The US also sent a request to Gibraltar — they asked to detain the tanker as part of the US sanctions against Iran. On Sunday, the Gibraltar authorities rejected this request since the US sanctions are not applied by the EU countries.

4 the USA — Venezuela

Donald Trump proposed to make a naval blockade of Venezuela. Over the course of some time he has repeatedly proposed to deploy the U.S. Navy warships at the coastline of Venezuela, in order to halt the cargo circulation — the ‘Axios’ reports while citing the current and the former officials of the Donald Trump’s administration. The ‘Axios’ interlocutors claim that a year and a half ago, the US president proposed to make such blockade for the first time. A few weeks ago he returned to this idea. However, his advisors believe that the implementation of this idea will require huge funds that can hardly be provided to the US Navy. The Pentagon also didn’t take this idea seriously. According to the US military — this idea is impractical, and has no legal justification. _

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