Turkey will create a new military base in the Black Sea


The economic measures, announced by President of France Emmanuel Macron due to the protests of the «yellow vests», require 8 to 10 billions of Euros — said the French state secretary Olivier Dussault, responsible for the fiscal policy. The French trade unions, while commenting on the statements of Macron, noted that his proposals are insufficient, and they can’t solve the problems of the working people. One of the most influential trade union, »the Universal Confederation of Labor», called for new protests. Philip Martinez, the leader of this union, during a broadcast of ‘France Info’ radio station, called to hold demonstrations together with the “Yellow Vests” starting from 14th of December. Jean-Luc Melenchon, a member of the ‘French National Assembly’ and the leader of the French Leftist Party “Untamed France”, also criticized the president’s measures. The left politician believes that the fight must be continued. He predicted more protests in Saturday. «The civil revolution will be great» — he promised.

ABC TV channel reports that Maria Butina, a Russian woman arrested in the United States, agreed to plead guilty. She intends to cooperate with the federal and local authorities — ABC refers to a document that will be presented in the court. According to ABC — the Russian woman admits that she «acted in the United States under the leadership of a Russian official.» Maria Butina allegedly signed the agreement on Saturday, 8th of December. The accusations against her can lead to 5 years in prison, TASS reports. ABC notes that Maria Butina may receive a softer sentence — it will depend on her cooperation with the investigation. It is not excluded that she might be deported to Russia.

The court in the Canadian city of Vancouver didn’t allow to bail the Chief Financial Officer of »Huawei» Meng Wanzhou, recently arrested in Canada, »Star Vancouver» reports. The court didn’t let to release Meng Wanzhou on the bail of $ 15 millions of dollars, proposed by her husband Liu Xiaojun, due to the fact that he isn’t a resident of Canada. Meng Wanzhou is accused of being involved in her company supplying American products to Iran and other countries, in violation of US export laws, and the sanctions. The arrest was made by the Canadian authorities on 1st of December, by a request from Washington. Due to her arrest, China has already canceled a meeting with one of the Canadian trade delegations.

Turkey started building a new naval base on the east coast of the Black Sea, TASS reports while citing «Milliyet». The new base will be near the village of Surmene, 40 km away from the city of Trabzon. It is expected that 400 military personnel and 200 civilians will serve in the military base. ‘Milliyet’ notes that Ankara took this step after the news of the American plans of sending their warships to the Black Sea after the incident in the Kerch Strait. Currently, Turkey has 8 naval bases in 4 seas.

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