Turkey will not resume the offensive in Syria


1 Russia — Turkey

«After the negotiations of the presidents of Russia and Turkey in the city of Sochi, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced the termination of the Turkish military operation in the north-east of Syria» — Interfax reports. “It is being canceled. Everything will depend on how much the agreements will be implemented, including the ones on the withdrawal of the Kursdish military forces” — the Russian minister explained. He added that the agreements, reached at the talks between the presidents of Russia and Turkey, provide «the cessation of the operation, which caused such a controversial reaction in the world, and what is very important — it provides the presence of the Syrian border guards on the border.» «This is what we were talking about for a long time, and we underlined that the solution to the situation of the Kurds and their problems is impossible without regaining the control over the entire length of the Syrian border by the legitimate government of Syria» — he concluded.

2. Syria

The Russian military police, located in the province of Aleppo, began patrolling the front-line positions of the Syrian army to the north-east of the city of Manbij, which was taken under the control of Damascus back in October — Interfax reports with a reference to the statement of a representative of the Russian military police. «The patrol route goes along the front lines of the Syrian army a few kilometers away from the village of Keirat on the Sajur River, located near the area where it enters the Euphrates river» — the Russian officer explained. In the recent days, a line of demarcation was drawn along the Sajur River between the Syrian army and the militants of anti-government groups that have sided with Ankara, as part of the Turkish operation in Syria. The purpose of the military operation, which was announced on 9th of October, is to create a buffer zone along the Turkish border.

3. the USA — Iraq

The US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper arrived in Baghdad with a sudden visit. It is being expected that he will meet with the Iraqi Prime Minister and the Iraqi Minister of Defense — the mass media reports. During that meeting, Mark Esper will discuss the reduction of the number of the US troops in Syria, and “what role Iraq will play in this matter” — the Reuters reports. He previously stated that about a 1,000 of US troops are being send from north of Syria to west of Iraq. On Wednesday, the joint command of the Iraqi Armed Forces stated that the American forces that came from Syria should leave the Iraqi territory, since they were only allowed to transit. The US forces have already left most of their military bases in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Al-Hasaka and Raqqa. The US troops were transferred to the military bases in Iraq.

4 the UK

«On Wednesday, the UK police from the Essex County found 39 bodies inside a truck, including a dead teenager» — ‘The Independent’ reports. «This is a tragic incident. A large number of people lost their lives. Our investigation is aimed at the finding of the causes of what happened» — the police announced. They noted that the process of the identification of the victims may be delayed. The truck with corpses was found in an industrial park in Essex. The 25-years-old truck driver was detained on a suspicion of a massacre. According to some reports, he arrived from Bulgaria on Saturday. According to the police, he hails from the Northern Ireland. Back in 2015, a truck with 71 bodies was discovered in Austria. As it turned out later — they all were migrants who suffocated inside the truck.

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