Turkish troops in Idlib


1 Syria

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced that Moscow has noticed the efforts of Ankara to push out the terrorists that impede the patrolling of the M4 highway in the Syrian province of Idlib. Moscow expects that the complete separation of the moderate opposition from the terrorists will take place. According to Maria Zakharova — the Russian and Turkish military, in accordance with the additional protocol from 5th of March, created a security corridor along the M4 highway in Idlib, and also established regular joint patrols. However their combined work met an active opposition from the radical groups, still remaining in the de-escalation zone.

2 the USA

The Russian Permanent Mission to the UN criticized the position of Kiev, which blocked the draft resolution on the fight against the coronavirus proposed by Russia to the UN General Assembly. Earlier, the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmitry Kuleba, announced the blocking of the Russian resolution to the UN that proposes to ease the sanctions during the pandemic. The position of Ukraine will prevent the lifting of the economic sanctions from a number of developing countries during the pandemic. The Russian diplomatic mission underlined the ill intent of the Ukrainian position. “We would like to remind you that the call for the removal of the economic sanctions, that limit the ability to combat the pandemic, was directed specifically to the developing countries, which our Ukrainian colleagues apparently do not care about” — the Permanent Mission of Russia underlined. It was noted that the refusal of a number of countries, including Ukraine, Georgia, the UK, the USA, and the EU states, to support the Russian proposal to ease the one-sided sanctions will complicate the overall fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

3 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, currently presiding over the G20, published a statement on the G20 website that called all states, non-governmental organizations, charity institutions, and representatives of the private sector to urgently donate $8 billions of dollars to the fund made for the fight against the coronavirus. It was noted that thanks to the efforts of those states, organizations and individuals — almost $2 billions of dollars have been already raised to support the global efforts to counter the coronavirus pandemic, but their work should continue. Saudi Arabia has already allocated $500 millions of dollars to fight the spread of the infection, and the consequenses of the pandemic.

4 the USA

The newspaper ‘Politico’ reports while citing their sources that the Pentagon and the US intelligence agencies launched an investigation into the possible use of the new coronavirus as a biological weapon by the US opponents. The ‘Politico’ claimed that the conduct of this investigation indicates a growing understanding by the US national security services of the very problem of the coronavirus and the risks that it carries. The ‘Politico’ underlined that the US officials do not believe that the coronavirus was intentionally created for this purpose.

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