UK won’t support the military operation against Iran


Boris Johnson, the leader of the electoral race for the post of the head of the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister of the UK, denied the possibility of the support for the US military operation against Iran during a debate with the British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt. “If you ask me ‘would I support military actions against Iran if I become the prime minister’ then my answer is ‘no’” — TASS quoted Boris Johnson. During the debate, he underlined that he doesn’t believe that a war with Iran «represents the reasonable option» for the West. Jeremy Hunt supported the position of his opponent — he too doubted that the US really want to start a military conflict with Iran — British newspaper ‘The Sun’ reported.

Massive police clashes with the protesters, protesting against the extradition bill to the mainland took place in Hong Kong — Interfax reports while citing the Bloomberg. According to the Bloomberg — 37 people were arrested after the clashes between the protesters and the police in a suburban shopping center in Hong Kong. 11 policemen and 28 protesters were injured during the day. On last Sunday, according to various data, 30,000 to 100,000 people took part in the demonstrations in Hong Kong. They demanded the resignation of the head of the administration of the special administrative region of China — Cary Lam.

Roman Truba, the director of the State Investigation Bureau of Ukraine, reported that his department started 11 criminal cases against the ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and some other high-ranking officials — RIA NEWS reports. Petro Poroshenko is involved in the criminal cases related to the abuse of power and the official position during the distribution of the posts in the «Center-Energo» company, as well as in the case of a treason due to the incident in the Kerch Strait, and the usurpation of the judiciary, and the illegal seizure of the TV channel «Pryamoii», and on the falsification of documents during the formation of the parliamentary factions in 2016, and in the illegal appointment of the government, as well as the seizure of power. Today, Petro Poroshenko was summoned for questioning as a witness in a case of the possible tax evasion and legalization of income in the amount of $300 millions of dollars during the sale of the »Kuznya Rybalsky» factory. The former head of the state didn’t come to the state investigation bureau.

«The terrorists shelled the village of Kharab-al-Hizato in the Syrian province of Latakia» — the head of the Russian Center for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Major General Alexei Bakin, announced during a briefing. He underlined that the illegal armed groups in Syria continue to violate the cease-fire. He also mentioned that the Russian military performed 3 humanitarian actions in the villages of the provinces Latakia, Deir Ez-Zor and Aleppo.

The trilateral contact group agreed on an indefinite cease-fire in Donbass starting from zero hour of 21st of July, Kiev time — Interfax reports with a reference to the statement of OSCE Special Representative — Martin Saidik. That statement was later confirmed by the Russian representative in the group — Boris Gryzlov. The withdrawal of the military forces and equipment of the warring parties near the village of Luganskaya was completed. The group members agreed on the simultaneous dismantling of the fortifications in the area by both sides — Darkka Olifer, the spokeswoman for the Ukrainian representative in the trilateral contact group, Leonid Kuchma, announced on her Facebook page. The parties also agreed to repair the bridge in the same village at the same time.

Donald Trump announced that a US Navy warship, stationed in the Strait of Hormuz, destroyed an incoming Iranian UAV — Interfax reports while referring the Associated Press. According to him, the UAV was shot down by the landing ship USS Boxer, due to the fact that the UAV continued its movement towards the warship despite the warnings. «The UAV was immediately destroyed» — Donald Trump said and added that the target was about 900 meters away the American warship. The Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, after the US made the statement about the destroyed Iranian UAV, announced that Tehran has no information regarding the lost UAV. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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