Ukrainian forces lay mines in the territory near the contact line


1 The Ukrainian troops lay landmines in the areas, near the contact line in Donbass — the head of the press service of the People’s Militia of the DRP, Daniel Bezsonov, announced. Earlier, the acting head of the DPR-controlled town of Gorlovka, Ivan Prikhodko, announced that a female resident of the village of Zaytsevo, which is located on the outskirts of the town, died from an exploded land mine. “The deceased woman died on her own personal plot of land, located in the buffer zone. The explosive device was installed by the Ukrainian saboteurs during that night, since the deceased woman was busy on her plot during yesterday. During the inspection of the area, two more anti-personnel landmines were found” — Bezsonov concluded.

2 The authorities of the LPR handed over 64 prisoners, that were convicted before the start of the conflict in Donbas, back to Ukraine. The prisoners expressed a desire to serve their sentences outside the LPR. The transfer took place on the contact line near the settlement of Shastie, with the participation of the representatives of the Joint Center for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire Regime.

3 The Ukrainian troops fired at an UAV of the OSCE mission, near the village of Chermalyk, north of the city of Mariupol — the department of People’s Militia of the DPR reported. The Ukrainian troops used radio-electronic warfare equipment near the settlement of Novgorodskoye, north of the town of Dzerzhinsk, in order to suppress the signal of the UAV during its observation flight.

4 The coordinator of the humanitarian subgroup of the Contact Group on the settlement of the situation in the east of Ukraine from the OSCE, Tony Frish, met with the persons, held in captivity due to the conflict in Donbas, in the detention center in the city of Lugansk. “We arrived today from Kiev, right after a meeting in Minsk. Before we arrived in here — we visited similar centers in the cities of Starobelsk and Kharkiv” — Tony Frish told to the reporters after his visit to the detention center. He clarified that the main goal of the visit was to see the conditions of the detention of the persons held in Kharkov and Starobelsk, as well as in Lugansk, controlled by the LPR.

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