Ukrainian troops mine the territory of Donbass


The Ukrainian forces installed more than 250 anti-tank mines at the positions near the village of Shyrokino, east of the city of Mariupol — the DPR People’s Militia Department reports while referring to their intelligence service. “Currently the enemy is actively enhancing their positions via the combat engineering and the installation of additional minefields” — the report specified.

The LPR People’s Militia accused the Ukrainian forces of mining the roads used by the OSCE patrols. Earlier the LPR defense department announced that the Ukrainian forces placed landmines in the withdrawal area near the village of Zolotoye, in Donbass, near the road used by the SMM OSCE patrols. According to the department — the Ukrainian troops continue to impede the mission «by mining the patrol routes.»

On 3rd of March, at about 6 PM, the village of Signalnoe was shelled by the Ukrainian troops — they used 120mm mortars. A direct hit significantly damaged the residential building on the Pionerskaya street, house 11. Some outbuildings were destroyed as well.

On 4th of March, at about 12 pm, the Ukrainian troops launched a guided anti-tank missile on a civilian minibus. A local resident woman received multiple shrapnel wounds. An another civilian received shrapnel wound to his chest area. The injured locals were promptly delivered to a city hospital.

In order to the receive military and financial assistance from the US — Kiev must keep the war in Donbass at the hot state. Also, in order to impress the NATO partners, the Ukrainian high command may decide to use the Turkish strike UAVs against the People’s Republics. The DPR air defense forces are ready for such turn of events. In case of a use of the combat UAVs — they will be immediately shot down.

The Ombudsman of the DPR, Daria Morozova, stated that the exchange of the Donbass PoWs via the “all for all” formula won’t be possible to do until the end of March because of the position of Kiev. Earlier, the head of the office of the Ukrainian President, Andrei Yermak, announced the plan to conduct the next stage of the exchange of the Donbass PoWs via the «all for all» formula during March of this year. “The statement is false — the Ukrainian side hasn’t confirmed a single person to us after the exchange. In fact — at this moment the formula «all confirmed for all confirmed» is practically absent due to the fact that there are currently no such people. The people who make such statements know about this as much as I do” — Daria Morozova told to the reporters. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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