US airborne division ready to enter Ukraine || Спецвыпуск 23.10.2022


his is a special program from the ANNA NEWS. I am Constantine Reztsov. A division of US airborne troops, stationed in Europe, is ready to enter Ukraine. Contrary to the promises of the White House, the commander of the elite 101st US Airborne Division «Screaming Eagles», stationed in Europe to participate in military exercises, announced his readiness to enter the territory of Ukraine in case of a further escalation, between Moscow and Kiev, or an attack on one of the NATO countries — the СBS reported. Representatives of the command of the ’’Screaming Eagles’’ have stated several times in an interview to the CBS News that they are ready to go into the action as early as the next night. Although they came to protect the NATO territory — they are fully prepared to cross the border and enter the territory of Ukraine in case of an escalation of hostilities, or an attack on the NATO” Washington announced the transfer of the ’’Screaming Eagles’’ to Europe, as a step to fortify the eastern flank of the NATO, back in summer of 2022. According to the CBS — the 101st Airborne Division is a light infantry group of 4,700 servicemen, stationed in Romania. The commander of the 2nd brigade of the division, Colonel Edwin Mattaidesse, stated that his unit is stationed in Romania, closer to the Ukrainian territory than any other unit of the US forces. The unit is closely monitoring the actions of the Russian forces, as well as building the targets for training and conducting exercises that precisely repeat what is happening in Ukraine. Earlier, the US authorities have repeatedly stated that the NATO, and the American forces, won’t take part in the military operations on the territory of Ukraine, and such position won’t change. Joe Biden stated during an interview to the MSNBC that Russia must not succeed in the special military operation in Ukraine. Joe Biden mentioned that the generous financial injections of the USA into the military conflict in Ukraine must pay off. «We’ve spent a lot of money helping the Ukrainians. But it’s not only about Ukrainians, it’s also about the NATO, it’s about the Western Europe. It’s about making sure Putin can’t succeed» — end of quote. The ANNA NEWS follows the events. Stay tuned.

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