Volodin: The words of the US ambassador to Poland are insulting


1 Russia — Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine signed a package of documents that will allow the continuation of the gas transit through the territory of Ukraine after 31st of December 2019. The bilateral negotiations in Vienna lasted for 5 days. The contract was signed for 5 years. According to the head of the ‘Gazprom’, Alexei Miller, “These agreements are a big package deal that has restored the balance of interests of both parties.”

2 Russia

The speaker of the Russian parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin, called the statement of the US ambassador to Poland, who tweeted that Hitler and Stalin planned together to start World War II, to be «offensive.» «The US ambassador to Poland insults not only the citizens of Russia and the citizens of the former Soviet republics, but also the memory of the US citizens as well» — the press service of the Russian parliament quoted Vyacheslav Volodin. He recommended to the US State Department to check the heads of their diplomatic missions for knowledge of the history of the countries in which they are going to work. Earlier, the US ambassador to Poland, Georgette Mosbacher, tweeted that «Hitler and Stalin conspired to start the Second World War», and «Poland was a victim of this terrible conflict.»

3 Syria

On Monday, the Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned the air strikes of the international coalition on the bases of the «Kataib Hezbollah» movement, which is part of the Shia militia, and called on the US to stop interfering in the Iraqi affairs. Damascus expressed solidarity with Baghdad and «Once again called on the US to stop their interference in the internal affairs of Iraq» — the statement said.

4 the USA

The US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, during a telephone conversation with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that the US will take decisive measures to protect their interests from the threat that, according to the American politicians, comes from Iran. Michael Pompeo also discussed the US attacks on Shia group »Kataib Hezbollah» located in Syria and Iraq with the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, and with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

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