Washington confirmed the presence of biological laboratories in Ukraine


1 Ukraine

Ukraine is preparing provocations on the humanitarian corridors in the cities of Mariupol and Volnovakha — the DPR reported. Exits from the cities could be booby trapped as well. The Ukrainian military continue the shelling of the settlements of Golmovsky, Ozeryanovka, and Donetsk with large-caliber guns. The DPR managed to repel an attack from a «Tochka-U» missile system. The Ukrainian nationalists fired more than 800 shells at the DPR. There was a massive destruction. 7 cities and towns of the LPR are under fire. 1 UAV, used to correct the fire of the Ukrainian MLRS «Grad», was destroyed by the LPR forces.

2 Ukraine

Ukraine violated the ceasefire, announced on the morning of 9th of March. The civilians can’t escape via the humanitarian corridors, established by the Russian forces in the cities of Kiev, Chernigov, Sumy, Kharkov, and Mariupol. The Ukrainian nationalists block the exits from cities. According to the eyewitnesses — mortars were installed in the yards, and snipers took positions nearby. The DPR reported that the humanitarian corridors don’t work at the moment. Residents of Mariupol are still trying to get out of the city.

3 Ukraine

Ukraine and the USA violated the Biological Weapons Convention — the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, stated. According to her — biological weapons were under development in the Ukrainian biolabs, located near Russia. Maria Zakharova added that the work in those biolabs was supported by the Pentagon. The programs didn’t have any peaceful purpose. She added that American specialists constantly gave their instructions to Ukraine on how to conduct the projects. «The US Defense Department must introduce the projects that were carried out in Ukraine to the world community» — Maria Zakharova concluded.

4 Ukraine

Washington admitted the presence of the biolabs in Ukraine. The development of biological weapons was carried out on the territory of Ukraine — the USA admitted via the US Deputy Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland. She added that the USA are afraid of a data leak once the facilities are being taken over by the Russian forces. Recently the Russian Ministry of Defense provided an evidence that the Pentagon was doing some work with combat strains of dangerous infections — such as the plague, anthrax, cholera, and some others, on the territory of Ukraine. At least $200 million were invested in those 30 biolabs. The number of pathogens many times exceeded the number, required for a conventional research.

5 Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that during the entire operation in Ukraine, the Russian forces destroyed more than 90% of the Ukrainian long and medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems. 81 Ukrainian air defense radars were destroyed, which led to the loss of the combat control of aviation and air defenses of Ukraine. Currently the Ukrainian air defense systems are only local in nature — they can’t provide a significant opposition to the Russian aviation.

6 Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that on 9th of March the LPR forces liberated the towns of Toshkovka and Grachevo. The advance was 2 kilometers. The DPR forces advanced for 4 kilometers, and liberated the towns of Signalnoe, Taramchuk, Yelenov, and Trudovoe. The Russian forces near Mariupol advanced a little over a kilometer, and liberated city of Skadovsk, in the Kherson region. The administrative buildings and the city center were captured. According to a number of reports, there were no Ukrainian troops in the city. The villages of Krasnaya Polyana and Stepnoe were liberated as well.

7 Russia

On 9th of March, Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, who thanked Vladimir Putin for his efforts to evacuate the Egyptian citizens away from the warzone in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin, at the request of As-Sisi, spoke about the reasons and goals of the special military operation, aimed to protect Donbass. The Presidents discussed the development of strategic partnership, including the implementation of major joint projects in the nuclear power industry and other industry. The Presidents spoke in favor of continuing the cooperation in tourism and agriculture.

8 Russia

The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, reported about several facts of the presence of conscripts among the Russian Forces, participating in the special military operation in Ukraine. He added that «one of the logistical units was attacked by a sabotage group of the Ukrainian nationalists. A number of Russian servicemen, including conscripts, were captured. Measures are being taken to prevent the sending of conscripts to the combat areas, and the release of the captured servicemen» — Igor Konashenkov concluded. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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