Washington disrupted the refugee evacuation from Rookban camp


1. Peru

The chairman of the congress of Peru announced the removal of the President Martin Viscarra from his power — »El Comercio» newspaper reports. «The resolution was approved during a parliamentary meeting. According to it — the president is declared to be temporarily unable to hold his office for the violation of the constitutional order» — the Twitter account of the Congress of Peru announced. The head of the parliament, with the support of 86 deputies, took the country’s vice president Mercedes Araos to the oath of office as an acting president. Earlier, the president of Peru announced the dissolution of the parliament, and signed a decree on early elections on 26th of January, 2020.

2 India

The head of the Indian Foreign Ministry, Subramaniyah Jaishankar, announced that Washington shouldn’t tell New Delhi from whom to buy or not to buy the military equipment, which includes the Russian S-400 AA missile systems. “We have always said that our procurement, and the selection of the suppliers of military equipment is entirely our sovereign right” — the NDTV quotes Jaishankar. “We don’t want a foreign state to tell us what to buy or not to buy from Russia. Or, to tells us what to buy or not to buy from America. This is our freedom of choice, which everyone should recognize” — the Foreign Minister of India explained. The issue of the purchase of the S-400s was discussed during a meeting of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the city of Vladivostok.

3 Belarus

The Foreign Minister of Belarus, Vladimir Makei, announced that the building of a Russian military base in Belarus doesn’t have any political or military meaning. He made this statement during an interview to the RBC. According to him — «given the development of the modern technology, when modern missiles can reach a different continent in a matter of minutes — the deployment of an air force base makes no sense». The Belarusian Foreign Minister also added that the deployment of additional military facilities in the country wouldn’t contribute to the stability and security in the region. The minister underlined that the decision of Minsk to not place the Russian base isn’t connected with the »influence of some external powers” — only the national interests were taken into account.

4 Syria

The coordination HQ of Russia and Syria demanded the US to withdraw all the US troops from Syria. Washington disrupted a plan developed by the UN in order to remove the civilians from the Rukban refugee camp — RIA NEWS reports while citing a statement from the HQ. The US-controlled gangs of terrorists are blocking the exit to the refugees, and threaten them with death. “Since the command of the American troops in the area of ​​Al-Tanf demonstrates its inability to meet the obligations, undertaken by the US, and thus unable to implement the UN operational plan — we require the US to immediately leave the occupied territory of Syria” — the statement said. It was noted that after the withdrawal of the US troops — the legitimate Syrian government intends to establish a constitutional order, and clear the area from the terrorists.

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