A Joint Coordinating Center for Controlling the Process of Exporting Grain from Ukrainian Ports Has Launched in Istanbul


1 Ukraine

The latest news about the special military operation. The allied forces attack and push the Ukrainian forces, stationed in the DPR. Tanks and artillery were used. The allied troops conducted precision strikes under a smoke screen. The Russian air force provide support on ultra-low altitudes. The Ukrainian forces couldn’t handle the pressure. Igor Konashenkov reported that the Russian precision air-launched missiles hit the point of temporary deployment of the Ukrainian ’Foreign Legion’, located near the village of Konstantinovka, in the DPR. More than 40 foreign mercenaries, mostly Poles, were eliminated. A Ukrainian artillery battalion from the 59th motorized Infantry brigade, stationed near the city of Nikolaev, was hit with the Russian air force as well. The Ukrainian Artillery Battalion suffered up to 70% of loses in men and weapons. A battalion from the 72nd Ukrainian mechanized brigade, stationed near the DPR village of Zaitsevo, was hit from the air as well. More than 70 Ukrainian nationalists and an ammo depot were eliminated.

2 Greece

On 26th of July, the Russian Ambassador to Greece, Andrey Maslov, stated that the mutual relations between Russia and Greece are being destroyed by the politics of Greece. The contacts and cooperation were interrupted. He added that Greece has long chosen a course to the West. «The course of solidarity with the common Western line has long been chosen. Greece has been a member of the NATO since 1952. Greece is a member of the EU for a while as well. Greece has always had an orientation towards the Western world’’ — Andrey Maslov explained, and added that the situation in Ukraine has faded into the background in the Greek mass media. In general, the Internet lately has more and more sensible materials about the Ukrainian situation.

3 Turkey

A Joint Coordinating Center to control the process of export of the grain from the Ukrainian ports has launched in Istanbul. The official opening ceremony is planned for 27th of July. The Center was established as part of the very important agreements reached in Turkey during the last week. It will help to stabilize the global food prices. Back then, the Russian delegation was led by the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The agreement is made from 2 different documents that work in a single package. The 1st document is a memorandum with the UN that guarantees the removal of the restrictions on the export of Russian agri-products and fertilizers to the world markets. The 2nd document is an agreement on the export of grain from Ukraine along a pre-agreed corridor. The paper solidified what Vladimir Putin mentioned during his visit to Iran.

4 Russia

On 5th of August, Vladimir Putin will meet with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in the city of Sochi — Dmitry Peskov reported on 26th of July. There was an additional information about Erdogan’s intention to visit Sochi on 5th of August. According to the Turkish TV channel ’TRT’ — the presidents will discuss the Ukrainian conflict, and assess the deal signed on 22nd of July in Istanbul.

5 Russia

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the strategic training «Vostok-2022» will be held from 30th of August till 15th of September. The ministry added that the Russian forces will train to keep the eastern region of Russia secured. Servicemen from other countries will be involved as well. The Western mass media meanwhile published fake news about the training. «Only a part of the Russian forces is being involved in the conduct of the special operation. Their number is sufficient to carry out all their missions» — the ministry stated — «None of the planned events, related to the military and their international cooperation, has been canceled due to the Russian operation, aimed to defend Donbass» — the ministry concluded.

6 Germany

The head of the German Ministry of Defence, Christine Lambrecht, reported that Germany had delivered the promised MLRS ’Mars-II’ to Ukraine. The ’DPA’ news agency reported that Christine Lambrecht also announced the transfer of 3 SPGs to Ukraine. She also announced the plans to supply ’’Iris-T’’ air defense systems. Back on 19th of July, Christine Lambrecht reported that Germany is running out of weapons that could be given to Ukraine. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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