A military operation in the Panjshir province


1 Afghanistan

The resistance forces in Panjshir killed 350 Taliban terrorists over-night. Their weapons were taken — the RIA NEWS reported with a reference to the «Afghan National Resistance Front». Panjshir remains the only province outside of the Taliban control, it is located in the highlands to the north-east from Kabul. The ’Al-Jazeera’ TV reported that the Taliban decided to launch a military operation against the forces of the ’’Afghan Resistance Front’’ in the Panjshir province after the failure of negotiations with the leader of the resistance, Ahmad Massoud.

2 Afghanistan

The head of the General Directorate of the Civil Aviation of Afghanistan stated that the resumption of domestic flights in Afghanistan will begin on Friday. The air traffic in Afghanistan was cut off by the Taliban that seized power in the country. The Taliban supposedly intended to resume the flights after assessing the technical condition of the airport in Kabul which was used to evacuate troops, citizens, and diplomats of the Western countries. Technicians from Qatar and Turkey have arrived in Kabul. The ’Al Jazeera TV’ reported that repair has been carried out over the past few days.

3 Afghanistan

«The Taliban have provided Russian diplomats with security guarantees» — the Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated during the Eastern Economic Forum. It was his reply to the question «what actions Moscow plans to take in relation to the Russians in Afghanistan, including diplomats, if the situation there gets worse» — the TASS news agency reported. «There are certain security guarantees from the Taliban for our diplomats for such case. So far all those guarantees are being observed» — Dmitriy Peskov concluded.

4 Syria

Terrorists in Daraa province surrender their weapons as part of an agreement to restore the security and stability — the ’SANA NEWS’ reported. For 2 days by now, the terrorists are handing over their weapons to the Syrian army in the ’conflict settlement center’ in the administrative center of Al-Mahatta. In order to complete this process, additional centers will be opened in several districts, which will be a premise for the deployment of troops, and restoration of the state institutions in all city quarters.The day before, 209 people laid down their weapons in the Al-Arbain quarter of the Daraa Al-Balad district.

5 The USA — Ukraine

«The decision on the Ukrainian membership in the NATO can be made by the NATO, not the USA. Kiev must fulfill a number of conditions to meet the standards of the NATO» — the White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki replied when asked if Washington could establish clear terms of the Ukrainian accession to the NATO. She added that Washington «continues to support and insist that the doors of the NATO must remain open to those who wish to join the organization».However, the countries that wish to become NATO members must “fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of the membership, and contribute to the Euro-Atlantic security” — she explained. The Ukrainian authorities must implement reforms to establish the rule of law, modernize the defense sector, and boost the economy. She clarified that the fulfillment of these conditions is necessary to meet the NATO standards.

6 Russia

200 Indian servicemen will take part in the second phase of the strategic multi-national exercises «West-2021», which will be held from 10th to 16th of September in Russia — «The Hindu» newspaper reported while citing their military sources. Earlier, the first deputy head of the Main Directorate of International Military Cooperation of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major-General Yevgeny Ilyin, stated that servicemen of 9 friendly states — Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Serbia and Sri Lanka, were invited to the strategic exercises West-2021.»China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan and Uzbekistan will be represented at the exercises by their military observers» — the general concluded. By 3rd of September the aforementioned servicemen will arrive to participate in the exercises at the ’Mulino’ training ground, in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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