An explosion in the northern suburbs of Damascus


1 Turkey

On Thursday, during a press conference in Ankara, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the Kurdish »People’s Self-Defense Forces», which Turkey recognizes as a terrorist organization, didn’t leave the north-east of Syria. «We held negotiations with the USA, as a result of which the terrorists were given 120 hours to leave. These agreements were not fulfilled. Under our agreement with Russia, they were given 150 hours. The terrorists still didn’t leave these territories in Syria» — TASS quoted the Turkish president. Tayyip Erdogan also intends to discuss the situation in Syria with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

2 Iran

Iran enriched the first batch of uranium on Thursday, at the nuclear facility in Fordo. «The injection of gas into the centrifuges and the production of the enriched uranium was started during the first minutes of Thursday» — the Iranian news agency »Mehr» reported. The uranium was enriched after the start of the fourth stage of the reduction of the Iranian obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Nuclear Program Action Plan. The agency noted that the process is taking place under the supervision of the experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

3. China — the USA

During a briefing on Thursday, the Chinese Commerce Department spokesman Gao Feng announced that the simultaneous cancellation of the raised duties is an important condition for the trade deal between China and the USA. “If the parties reach the first part of the agreement then, in accordance with the content of the agreement, the mutual cancellation of the increased duties should be synchronous and proportionate. This is an important condition for the reaching of the agreement” — Gao Feng explained.

4 Syria

2 people were injured as a result of an explosion in the north of Damascus. The explosive device was hidden in a minibus — the radio station »Sham FM» reports. «The explosive device exploded in a minibus in the Hayiy al-Vourud district, north-west of Damascus. The driver, and some other man were injured» — the radio reports. As it was reported — the victims received minor injuries.

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