An impeachment proceedings may begin in the USA


1 the USA

The Democrats in the US Congress may start an impeachment procedure if it turns out that Donald Trump temporarily blocked the allocation of the military assistance to Ukraine in an attempt to force the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to commit illegal actions. Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House of Representatives special committee, said live, on the CNN. Recently, Donald Trump, during a telephone conversation, allegedly, pressured Vladimir Zelensky in order to force him to investigate the activities of the former vice president Joseph Biden, and his son, in Ukraine. Joseph Biden is the most likely rival of Donald Trump in the upcoming election. He has the highest chance of being nominated for the US presidency by the Democratic Party.

2 the USA — India

»The US and India will conduct joint military exercises for the first time in November of this year» — Donald Trump announced to the Indian Americans while speaking with the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in Houston. “We’ve createad the Space Forces here in the USA. We work closely with India in the development of the space cooperation” — TASS quoted his words. “In November, the USA and India will demonstrate a significant progress in the military cooperation, and will hold the first military exercises” — Donald Trump concluded.

3 Moldova

The government and the president of Moldova agreed to abandon the systemic «anti-Russian approach», and begin to consider the violations on specific cases — TASS reports while citing the statement of the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, made during an interview to the newspaper »Kommersant». «I and the government agreed that we won’t continue to prohibit the entry to the Russian journalists and investors to Moldova. If there are any violations — let’s just sit down and consider the specific cases. There will be no more systemic anti-Russian approach. This applies to the Russian investors, as well as Romanian, European, and American» — Igor Dodon specified. He added that Moldova is interested in an open policy towards all.

4 Afghanistan

The US intelligence agencies are involved in the transfer of the ISIS terrorists to the north of Afghanistan — the RIA NEWS reports while referring to a statement made by the head of the 5th FSB service, Sergei Beseda. According to him, the terrorists are being used «to destabilize the situation on the southern borders of the CIS, and in the future — in the countries of the Central Asia». In February, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that the terrorists of the Islamic State, under unclear circumstances, managed to get into Afghanistan. This poses a threat to the countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Back in March, the Russian Interior Ministry noted that the terrorists, after their defeat in Syria and Iraq, are shifting their interests to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

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