Boris Johnson might over as the NATO Secretary General


1 The DPR

A local man died in the city of Donetsk after a Ukrainian shelling. 1 shell hit a local café — some people were wounded. A local gas pipeline and power lines were damaged. The Ukrainian radicals used 155mm NATO artillery and MRLS ’’Grad’’. Same weapons were used to attack the town of Gorlovka. The town of Yasinovataya has no water after a local pumping station was damaged. Thousands of locals were cut off the grid. During the night, the Ukrainian nationalists fired 36 rockets at the Kherson Oblast. American weapons were used as well. The local authorities reported that it was a very strong attack. The local anti-air forces shot down most of the incoming missiles, but a few still reached the targets. The Antonovsky bridge across the Dnieper was damaged. The traffic was stopped. The Ukrainian forces are shelling civilian buildings, and the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station.

2 The DPR

On 27th of July, during a conference dedicated to ’the day of remembrance of the children, died in the war in Donbass’, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPR, Natalia Nikonorova, spoke about a draft agreement, made by the DPR, to approve the charter of the international tribunal for war criminals. On 24th of July, the head of the Russian Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, proposed to invite Syria, Iran and Bolivia to work in an international tribunal in order to assess the crimes of the Kiev regime in Donbas and Ukraine.

3 The UK

Boris Johnson may take over as the Secretary General of the NATO after Jens Stoltenberg leaves his chair in September of 2023 — ’The Daily Telegraph’ reported on 27th of July. The newspaper added that the senior Tories support Boris Johnson as the next Secretary General of the NATO. Prior to Boris Johnson — the UK Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, and the former UK Prime Ministers — Theresa May and David Cameron — were considered for this role — the The Daily Telegraph reported and added that a British representative has been proposed for the post of the NATO Secretary General for a long time due to the distrust of the USA towards the European politicians who have repeatedly announced their plans to create a new EU army.

4 China

The Chinese Foreign Ministry strongly opposed the calls from the USA to impose one-sided sanctions on the Russian oil supplies to China. The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesman, Zhao Lijian, stated that the cooperation between China and Russia isn’t aimed against any country. Thus, China won’t tolerate an external interference. Earlier the ’Bloomberg’ reported that a group of US senators, led by Marco Rubio, proposed to impose sanctions against the companies, related with the sale of Russian oil and other energy products to China. The bill proposes to fine all the organizations that insure or register the oil tankers that transport oil or liquefied natural gas from Russia to China.

5 Syria

An illegal US military base in east of Syria was attacked — the ’Al-Mayadeen’ reported on 27th of July while citing their sources. The US military airfield in the Al Jabs area, in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor, was under fire. Several rockets were fired from the Tel ash-Shayer area, near the border with Iraq. The rockets damaged the military infrastructure and the airstrip of the US military base. One of the pro-Iranian paramilitary groups, operating in Iraq and Syria, is believed to be behind the attack. Earlier the Syrian government accused the USA of an illegal deployment in Syria.

6 Iraq

The Turkish air force attacked the Iraqi Kurdistan — the ’Shafaq’ reported. On 27th of July, the Turkish Air Force carried out several attacks on the village of Sekiri, in the Al-Amadiyah region, north of the city of Dohuk. The Turkish Air Force also attacked the Mount Matin, in the Amadia region. Supposedly the bases of the Kurdistan worker’s party were the target of the Turkish Air Force. Turkey considers the party to be a terrorist organization. The Iraqi authorities condemned the Turkish actions on the sovereign Iraqi territory, and demanded Ankara to pull their forces from the border areas.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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