Brazil hopes for the US support in Venezuela || Breaking News, 19th of March, 2019


The Venezuelan government announced that the Venezuelan opposition seized the diplomatic missions of Venezuela in the United States. “The diplomatic missions in the United States were captured by individuals that have the public support of the American government. They act as US agents in their own political interests” — RIA NEWS quoted the announcement. The Venezuelan government demanded the United States to comply with the legal obligations, and take measures to stop the seizure of the buildings. Earlier, the ‘temporary’ Venezuelan ambassador in the United States, Carlos Vecchio, who was appointed by the opposition leader Juan Guaydo, announced that he got the access to the building of the Venezuelan military attaché in Washington, and two more buildings of the Venezuelan diplomatic mission in the United States. At the same time he noted that the opposition does not have access to the main building of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington.

The US strategic bombers B-52H Stratofortress, capable of carrying long-range nuclear cruise missiles, were transferred to the UK during last week. On Monday, they made flights near the northern, southern and western borders of the European part of Russia at the same time, and also — in the Far East region — Interfax reports. In the North, the bombers flew near Russian territories in the Barents Sea — near the Murmansk region. They also flew near the Kaliningrad and Leningrad regions in the Baltic Sea region, and near the Russian sea borders on the Black Sea. During the last week, the US Air Forces transferred 6 strategic bombers B-52H to the UK. According to the observers, the American bombers performed training strikes against targets on the Russian territory in the Baltic.

The police detained a 37-year-old Turkish man Hekmen Tanysh, suspected in shooting in the area of the Utrecht city tram station — Interfax reports. The anti-terrorism unit of the Dutch police carried arrests in one of the stormed houses. The motives of the suspect have yet to be clarified. The shooter’s identity was established thanks to the surveillance cameras. According to the data from the Turkish media — earlier Hekmen Tanysh participated in the conflict in Chechnya. He was held criminally liable for his involvement in ISIS. During the attack, 3 people were killed. At least 9 were injured.

The negative position of the US regarding the extension of the ‘New START’ treaty may lead to a complete disappearance of any controlling and restrictive mechanisms in the nuclear-missile matters between Russia and the United States — the Russian Foreign Ministry announced. The ministry also noted that the termination of the INF treaty may lead to the start of an arms race in several regions in the world. The Russian Foreign Ministry added that Russia won’t destroy the missile systems 9M729. Washington accuses Moscow in the violation of the INF treaty while referring to those systems. The Russian Foreign Ministry underlined that the Russian proposals, aimed to resolve the whole situation remain in force. “But we won’t knock on the closed door” — the Foreign Ministry concluded.

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