Breaking News, 10th of April, 2018


‘Russia is ready to help organize the visit of OPCW to the Syrian city of Duma, and Russia expects this trip to take place before the end of the week» — first deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense Yevgeny Serebrennikov told RIA NEWS. «Until the end of the week, it can take place if the OPCW shows common sense,» — added the senator.

The French authorities did not exclude the possibility of the participation of its armed forces in a strike against the governmental forces in Syria. The representative of France to the UN Security Council said that his country’s government is considering an option of an attack on Syria in case if it turns out that the government of Bashar Assad is responsible for the chemical weap ons incident in the city of Duma.

The »Sydney Morning Herald», while referring to sources in Canberra, reports that China discussed with Vanuatu the possibility of its permanent military presence in the South Pacific region. According to the publication, there have been no official proposals to the Vanuatu government yet, but high-ranking sources in Australian intelligence agency believe that Beijing could indeed build a permanent military base in Vanuatu. This will allow Beijing to advance its military power further to the Pacific region, and also to change the established strategic balance, which will increase the risk of confrontation between China and the United States.

Russian security agencies have control in the area of the Crimean bridge, and they are ready for any threat of a terrorist attacks. This was stated by the chairman of the National Antiterrorist Committee, the head of the Russian Federal Security Service, Alexander Bortnikov. «The security agencies have organized the monitoring of the situation in the Kerch Strait and in the airspace above it. Their men have been prepared for concerted actions in case of a threat of terrorist attacks on the constructed facilities, including the attacks of the adherents of radical ideologies, as well as special services and radical nationalist organizations of Ukraine.» — Ria News quotes mister Bortnikov.

Turkish media reported that Russian warplanes flew at least four times over the American destroyer Donald Cook, currently located in the Mediterranean Sea. According to the Russian military, the aforementioned warship, equipped with Tomahawk missiles, is located about 100 kilometers away from the Syrian city of Tartus. At the same time, the representative of the Pentagon, Eric Pehon, denied reports of a flight over the warship by Russian aircraft. «That is not true. It is just a rumor in the Internet.» — TASS quoted Eric Pehon.

A rehearsal of the military parade in honor of the 9th of May, which will be held on Red Square, took place in the Kubinka suburb town, near Moscow. At the same time, the Air Force pilots rehearsed the aerial part of the Parade. The crews of airplanes and helicopters both participated in the training flights. Russian flight demonstration squadrons such as »Strizhi» and »Russian Vityazi» have completed the elements of aerobatics, that will be demonstrated in the sky over Moscow.

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