Breaking News, 11th of March, 2018


Donald Trump said that he is ready to cancel the customs duties on steel and aluminum imports for EU countries, after the EU cancels similar measures regarding to American products. «If they cancel their terrible trade barriers and duties on American products, then we will cancel ours. If this does not happen, then we will impose duties on cars and other things — that will be fair!» — Donald Trump said in Twitter. The European Commissioner on Competition, Margrethe Vestager, said that Brussels will not allow to destroy the «global trading system» and she threatened the US with retaliatory measures.

The special operation of capturing Vladimir Ruban lasted about 10 months, the Ukrainian press secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Artyom Shevchenko said. «This was a really good, multi-month, nine or even ten months long lasted special operation. The operation was carried out by the Security Service in cooperation with the military. I think that what we saw is convincing, and the result is already very worthy.» — said Shevchenko. Vladimir Ruban was detained on Thursday by the special services of Ukraine. He is suspected of preparing a terrorist act in Kiev, and illegal possession of weapons. The court ruled to arrest Ruban for two months.

After a meeting with the president Piotr Poroshenko, Ukrainian blogger Martin Brest shared his country’s plans for the war in the Donbass on his Facebook page. »First, the peacekeepers come in and block off the border on its entire length. Then the army comes in and cleans out the Donbass, following the logic «no weapons — life, with weapons — death», wrote the blogger. He specified that an amnesty in regards of those, who are fighting on the side of the DPR and the LPR »Won’t be granted by anyone.»

On Saturday, Kurdish troops stopped the attack of Turkish troops and formations of the «Syrian Free Army» (SFA) on the outskirts of Afrin. The fighting took place near the village of Halta. The Turkish side lost 18 soldiers. The Kurds managed to disable one armored vehicle with a large-caliber machine gun.

On the night of 9 to 10 March, at about 3 in the morning, local time, unknown arsonists burnt a church of the Moscow Patriarchate, located in Avtozavodskaya Street, house 68, in Kiev. The arsonists smashed the window, poured in combustible liquid, and set the building on fire. The police started a criminal investigation.

The army of Egypt, in the course of the anti-terrorist operation «Sinai-2018», during the last four days killed 16 terrorists. In total, the armed forces of Egypt, in the course of the antiterrorist operation conducted jointly with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country, eliminated 105 militants by now.

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