Breaking News, 19th of March, 2018


Experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons will arrive in the UK on Monday to investigate the samples of a substance used to poison former Colonel of GRU Sergey Skripal and his daughter, Interfax reports with a reference to British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson. It is expected that the experts will take their own samples, which could be air samples from the house of Skripal, the pub or the restaurant which he visited, samples from his car and biomedical samples taken from the victims themselves.

Tai Cobb, a lawyer of Donald Trump, announced that the president doesn’t plan to fire the special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Earlier, a number of media outlets reported that Trump could fire Robert Mueller, who is currently investigating the alleged attempts of Moscow to intervene in the elections in the United States.

Syrian opposition shot down a government aircraft over the eastern part of province ‘Rif Damascus’. This was reported by the press service of the ‘Free Syrian Army’. The Su-24 took off from the airport of Al-Nasiriyah this morning, and later that day crash-landed at the Chinese factory in the Eastern Kalamun area. The pilot managed to eject himself before the crash.

Reporters ANNA NEWS are reporting the following information from Damascus: Since the beginning of so-called »humanitarian pauses» in Eastern Guta — 73,656 people have safely left the city. The data was obtained in the center of reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria. In addition, according to the second humanitarian corridor, from the settlements Arbil, Hammuria, Sakba and Hazze — for the current day 25 235 people left the warzone. Oddly enough, the well-known champions of the law and democracy, the mass-media of the USA and Europe, are being very silent about it.

Ukraine officially asked Finland to »punish» the participants of a Finnish delegation that visited Crimea during the elections, says the chairman of the association of Russian-Finnish friendship, Daria Skippari-Smirnova. She added that she and her colleagues do not take these statements seriously. «It’s ridiculous: to ask Finland to somehow punish us.» — she added. The delegation referred Crimea as Russian territory, and their visit there had nothing to do with Ukraine itself. «The fact that Ukraine lives in its own illusions is not our problem.» — Skippari-Smirnova added.

The western mass-media continues to discuss Putin’s speech that he gave in front of the Federal Assembly, where he spoke about Russia’s most breakthrough defense projects «working on new physical laws.» Among other things, he even mentioned a combat laser. Such statements seemingly caused notable mental toothache abroad, and in the Russian liberal opposition. The first words of response were «Nonsense», «Dreams», and the like. Nevertheless, it seems like Russia might have a ‘laser shield’ quite soon, and thus the country will be able to safely protect its sky and near space.

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