Breaking News, 20th of March, 2018


In Warsaw, near the building of the Ukrainian embassy, a demonstration of Polish nationalists took place, during which they burnt the images of Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych. It was staged by representatives of »National Movement», »All-Polish Youth» and »National Radical Camp». The demonstrators chanted slogans: «Shukhevych is a murderer», «Bandera is a killer» and held posters with the inscriptions «Bandera is not my brother», TASS news agency reports. The Ukrainian Embassy in Warsaw judged the protest, and stated that «Given their actions and statements — the nationalists incite intolerance, and act in the interests of the Kremlin.»

Chemical weapon «Novichok» can be easily produced in any chemical laboratory, says one of the original developers of »Novichok», Leonid Rink» during an interview to RIA-NEWS agency. The chemical formula needed for the creation of the substance was unveiled to the West by a chemist Vil Mirzayanov, who emigrated to the USA. Leonid Rink added that there are chemistry specialists in Britain that are capable of creating such chemical weapon on their own.

After the capture of Afrin, the Armed Forces of Turkey, and the «Syrian Free Army», intend to capture the city of Tel Rifat, located 25 km north of Aleppo. Suburb areas of the city are being hit by artillery. Ground operation can begin at any time. Ankara believes that most of the Kurdish «People’s Self-Defense Forces» went to that city. Earlier, Erdogan said that the military operation »Olive Branch» will »Continue until the neutralization of the terrorist corridor that goes through Manbige, Ain el-Arab, Tell Abyad, Ras al-Ain and Kamyshli.»

Reporters of ANNA NEWS are in the humanitarian corridors in Eastern Guta. According to them, Djebhat-an-Nusra are preparing to use chemicals against the locals. The Syrian army is currently beginning their attack on the enemy’s positions. Meanwhile, the United States in the UN Security Council are trying to blame Russia and the «Syrian regime» for alleged «chemical attacks against the civilian population of the suburbs of Damascus.» Nicky Haley once again threatened to use military force against the Syrian army. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation responded that in a case of a threat to the Russian specialists in the warzone — Russia will use force to defend them.

In France, police detained former President Nicolas Sarkozy to interrogate him on the case of the financing his election campaign back in 2017. As the Le Monde newspaper reports, the police suspects that Sarkozy committed violations while obtaining some funding from Libya, which was then headed by Muammar Gaddafi. Then Sarkozy won the elections and held the presidency of France until May 2012.

The White House and the presidential administration continue their efforts of destroying Syria as a country. The United States believe that all civilized countries of the world should bring Russia and Iran to justice for allegedly allowing the «crimes» of Syrian government. That was the statement of US National Security Assistant, Herbert McMaster, who made a speech at the Holocaust Museum in Washington. In his opinion, economic measures must be applied against Russia and Iran.

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