Breaking news, 21st of March, 2018


The State Department wants to impose sanctions on the companies involved in the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project. This was stated by State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert. She added that the US oppose the construction of the Nord Stream-2, and believe that the project «Will jeopardize Europe’s security and stability, if Russia gets another leverage to apply pressure on European countries, and in particular — on Ukraine.»

Major-General Yury Yevtushenko, the head of the Russian Center for reconciliation of warring parties in Syria, said that terrorists have launched a rocket strike at the Kashku market in Damascus. As a result — 37 people were killed, 35 more were injured. The general specified that the attack was carried out from the settlement of Ain-Terma, RIA NEWS reports. Yev-tushenko added that two mortar attacks on Mazze region of Damascus occurred as well, killing five civilians and injuring two.

The Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria reports that third humanitarian corridor was opened in Eastern Guta. It is noted that civilians do come back to the liberated settlements of Sakba and Kafer Batna, since humanitarian aid has been delivered in there, »RIA NEWS» reports as well. Russian Defense Ministry also reports that on Tuesday, using the corridors in Muhayam Al-Wafedin and Hammuria, 680 people escaped the warzone, despite the heavy fire from the terrorists.

Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, said that over the past week in Syria — three attempts of using chemical weapons by the terrorists were stopped. «The possibility of using poisonous substances by terrorists in order to blame the Syrian troops still remains at the moment. Earlier, the chief of the operational department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, Sergei Rud-skoy, said that American instructors in the area of El-Tanf trained several groups of terrorists to use chemical weapons, which should serve as an excuse for the USA to attack Syria.

Two people were killed and seven more were injured as a result of a fight between Ukrainian soldiers and the militants of the «Right Sector» organization, in the area of the village of Peski, near Donetsk. This was announced today by the deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR, Eduard Bazurin.

The US have no protection against Russian hypersonic weapons, said the Chairman of the Strategic Command of the US Armed Forces, General John Hayten, at a hearing in the US Senate Committee on Armed Forces, on Tuesday. He underlined that the only possible defense that could save the USA from such weapons is the «nuclear retaliation».

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