Breaking News, 23rd of June, 2018


The European Commission has promised to give an «equal» response in case of US imposing duties on European cars. According to the European Commission, duties can affect goods worth of $ 300 billion, which will damage almost all EU countries, TASS reported while citing Bloomberg. With duties of 25 percent, the imports of cars and their components in the US may fall by about 50 percent. Such decision from Washington «will be met by equal restrictions from the affected trading partners» — the document of the European Commission announced.

The United States and South Korea indefinitely suspended the military exercises in order to implement the agreements reached during the summit of the leaders of the United States and North Korea in Singapore, Pentagon chief James Mattis announced. The exercises were planned «for the next three months,» TASS reports. The decision was made following the meeting between James Mattis, the head of the State Department Michael Pompeo, US National Security Advisor John Bolton and the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford.

Israel temporarily suspended the activities in the UN Human Rights Council, Russia Today reported while citing the Associated Press agency. It is noted that Israel decided to «reduce» its participation in the work of the Council and thus support the decision of the US to withdraw from the council. On 20th of June, the United States gave an official notification to the UN Secretary General with the announcement of their leaving of the Human Rights Council.

The Russian military conducted a humanitarian mission in the Syrian city of Kafr Batna, located in Eastern Ghouta, that was released from the terrorists almost three months ago. This was reported by RIA NEWS with a reference to the statement of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria. The Center reported that the Russian military distributed 7.5 tons of hygiene products.

The existence of the European Union is under a threat because of the existing disagreements between European countries, and the fate of the EU will be decided within the next year, said the head of the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. He explained that within a year it will become clear «whether or not a united Europe will survive» RIA NEWS reports with a reference to Der Spiegel. Matteo Salvini added that Italy can no longer allow migrants to enter the country. Moreover, some of them should be sent out.

Ukrainian troops fired at the positions of the LPR twice over the past day. The village of Donetskii was hit. In the DPR, during the same time, Ukrainian troops violated the ceasefire 5 times. The outer areas of Gorlovka, Gagarin’s mines, Izotov’s mines, the village of Zaitsevo, as well as the southern villages of the DPR — Sakhanka and Leninskoye were under fire. Mortars, weaponry of IFVs and APCs were used in the shelling. The command of the DPR reports that during the last night Ukraine made an attempt of advancing of their positions in the southern sector of the warzone. The Ukrainian attacks were stopped, and their casualties are three servicemen killed, four wounded.

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