Breaking News, 24th of June, 2018


1 Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced that if the economy of Belarus fails — Belarus would join another country. «We are at the frontline. If we won’t survive in these years, if we fail — it means that we will either have to be a part of some other state, or the others will simply wipe their feet on us. God forbid, they will start another civil war, just like in Ukraine.» — the president of Belarus explained at a meeting in the Shklov district. Lukashenko underlined that the problems in the economy could potentially result in civil war in Belarus or the loss of the independence. In recent times, disagreements occurred between Moscow and Minsk on some economic issues. In particular, on the matter of supply of Belarusian products to Russia. Lukashenko openly expressed his own dissatisfaction with the current situation.

2 Iraq «

ISIS» kidnapped six Iraqi servicemen, Reuters reports. The terrorists promised to kill the hostages in three days if the authorities of Iraq and especially the province of Anbar won’t release all the Sunni prisoners. Coincidentally, all the abducted members of the Iraqi security forces are Shia.

3 Turkey

In the city of Ankara, police forces detained 11 members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party during their preparations of provocations for the presidential and parliamentary elections that started in Turkey today. Due to the elections — enhanced security measures have been taken — namely the capital city of Turkey is packed with 16,000 police officers, 40 special police vehicles, and 35 armored police vehicles. Helicopters and drones are on patrol. «Kurdistan Workers Party» is recognized as a terrorist organization in Turkey.

4 Ethiopia

The number of wounded people after the explosion in Addis Ababa have reached 156 people, the Ethiopian Minister of Health announced on Twitter. One person was killed. Eight people are gravely wounded. 9 security officers, including the deputy chief of police of Addis Ababa, were detained in connection with the investigation of the circumstances of the explosion. On Saturday, during a rally made in support of the Ethiopian premier Abia Ahmed, a grenade was thrown in the direction of the podium. The prime minister was not injured.

5 Russia

A hurricane passed through the city of Barnaul during the evening of 23rd of June. According to eyewitnesses, the wing broke doors of public transport vehicles. A lot of trees and billboards fell down. About 35 000 people, as well as 7 socially significant objects, are left without electricity. The power engineers promised to restore the power grid by noon of 24th of June. A tower crane fell in the center of the city — the operator died. On the river of Ob a floating coffee shop, on board of which there were 120 people, was caught in a storm. The floating coffee shop «Barracuda» collided with a support beam of the automobile bridge. 15 people were injured. Eyewitnesses report that a wave broke the glass of the tugboat’s bridge — several people were cut in the result. After a collision with the support beam of the bridge — the barge with the coffee shop was torn from the tugboat and went to the opposite shore from where the passengers were evacuated by rescue teams on boats.

6 Mexico

In Mexico City, a group of unknown people opened fire on the football field after the match. Two men, ages 38 and 39, died, as well as a 16-year-old girl. The suspects disappeared after the shooting. The police is currently trying to find the criminals.

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