Breaking News, 25th of July, 2018


Influential senators from the Republican and Democratic parties, Lindsay Graham and Bob Menendez, announced that they will soon submit a bill that will provide additional sanctions against Russia, Interfax reported. The senators announced that the proposed restrictive measures will affect the matters of energy, finances, and Russian state debt. In addition, the document contains a paragraph that forbids the exit of NATO by the United States without the consent of the Senate. It also mentions the intensifying efforts to combat «Russian disinformation».

As a result of a powerful explosion in a market in the Syrian city of As-Suwayda, 38 people died, more than 30 were injured. A suicide bomber blew himself up on in the market in the city of As-Suwayda on Wednesday morning, RIA NEWS reported while citing a police source. Also on Wednesday, the Syrian army managed to stop two suicide bombers of the ISIS — they were pacified before activating their explosive devices.

The former head of the Main Investigative Directorate for the city of Moscow, Alexander Drimanov, has been officially charged for taking bribes, TASS reports while citing their source. On 17th of July, the former head of the Main Investigation Department for Moscow, Alexander Drimanov, was arrested by the FSB officers on a case of corruption. On the same day, he refused the lawyers hired for him. He also refused to admit his guilt.

As a result of an explosion of a suicide bomber in the Pakistani city of Quetta, 31 people died, more than 30 were injured, RT reports while referring to the TV channel Geo TV. The explosion occurred near the polling station — on 25th of July Pakistan holds the national elections to the lower house of parliament, and the provincial assemblies.

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria: Syrian security services intercepted a large batch of arms and ammunition designated for the group »Tahrir al-Sham» — the cargo was bypassing government checkpoints in the Western Kalamun area. Inside the pick-up trucks there were hidden ammunition and dozens of ATGMs. «Tahrir al-Sham» is currently fighting the Syrian army and Hezbollah. They are suffering significant losses both in manpower and military equipment. They were repeatedly offered to make an agreement on evacuation to Idlib, but the Islamists continue to resist.

The 10th BRICS summit is currently occurring in Johannesburg. Presidents of Russia, Brazil, India, China, South Africa, as well as some other states will discuss the most important issues of the world economy and politics. Experts regard the BRICS summit as kind of a response to recent forums of NATO countries, the EU, and the G7. According to the experts — this discussion platform creates a counter-balance to the usual Western formats, which contributes to the stabilization of global political and economic processes.

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