Breaking News, 25th of March, 2018


On Saturday, during a festival in the city of Dera-Ismail-Khan, in Pakistan, a grenade had been thrown into the crowd of civilians. At least 24 people were injured, among them were children and two security officers. The site of the attack is cordoned off. The police is looking for the suspects.

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of Americans went on demonstrations for more tight gun control. In New York about 150 thousands of people took part in such action. Thousands of people went on «Marches for our lives», which happened in Chicago, Houston, Parkland and Washington.

ISIS made an ambush on the highway between Baghdad and Kirkuk in Iraq. The terrorists managed to out-gun a convoy of local police, after which they took the policemen to the nearest hill and shot them there. At least 8 people were killed during that day. To prosecute the terrorists, the authorities sent the «Khashd ash-Shaabi» unit, and additional police units to the area of the incident.

Over the past day, 1717 civilians moved from the city of the Duma, in Eastern Guta, to the settlement of El-Vafidin, using a humanitarian corridor. In total, since the end of February, 23 398 people left the warzone.

On Saturday, 988 militants of the Failak Ar-Rahman group and their family members used the corridor from the settlement Abril, in Eastern Guta, to leave the place. Once outside, 17 buses transported them to the province of Idlib. The security of the militants was provided by the Syrian police, under the supervision of the Russian officers, and the representatives of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

Bloomberg, while referring to its own sources, reports that US President Donald Trump agreed with the recommendations of his advisers, and is ready to send away the Russian diplomats from the United States because of the poisoning incident in the UK. According to the agency, Donald Trump can announce the expulsion of Russian diplomats on Monday, RIA NEWS reports. At the same time, the interlocutors of the news agency expressed fears that Donald Trump’s decision was not final. According to them, before sending the Russians out, Donald Trump wants to be sure that the European allies of the USA will also take the same steps towards Russia.

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