Breaking News, 31st of March, 2018


Al Jazeera reports that the number of victims of clashes between Israeli military and Palestinian demonstrators reached 15 people, and more than 1,400 people were injured. According to Al Jazeera, in response to Palestinian attempts to cross border fortifications — Israeli military used firearms and tear gas. 748 people with bullet wounds went to hospitals.

The United Nations Security Council, while being influenced by the USA, initiated new sanctions against the DPRK on Friday, the Interfax news agency reports citing the South China Morning Post. 21 companies, 27 ships and one person were included in the black lists, due to allegations of smuggling North Korean goods, mainly oil and coal. New restrictions were introduced during the on-going preparation of the first ever meeting between the president of the USA, and the leader of North Korea.

Russia’s ambassador to the USA, Anatoly Antonov, reported the termination of the Russian consulate in Seattle. The American authorities demanded the release of the residence of the Russian consul, he told on Friday. According to Anatoly, Russia rented the premises of the Consulate in Seattle. Due to the request of the US authorities, it should cease its activity on March 30th at 17:00 local time, explained the ambassador.

According to US mass media reports, US President Donald Trump suspended the allocation of $ 200 million, which was previously planned to be used to restore Syria, RIA NEWS reports. On Thursday, Donald Trump, while speaking in Ohio, said that the US will leave Syria «very soon» and they will «let others take care of it.» The US State Department, however, insisted that they do not have any information about Trump’s plans for an «exit from Syria.» According to various sources, the White House ordered the State Department to suspend the allocation of these funds.

As a result of the explosion of a landmine in the Afghan city of Kandahar, two Afghan soldiers were killed, and three more were wounded, RIA NEWS reports. The explosive device exploded when a car of the local armed forces unknowingly moved close enough to the landmine. According to local authorities, it was a magnetic mine. No terrorist group has claimed the responsibility for the explosion so far.

Ukrainian troops fired at the LPR positions four times over the past day. The areas of villages Zheltoye, Logvinovo, Kalinovo and the village of Krasny Yar were under attack. Meanwhile in the DRP, Ukrainian troops fired 19 times during the same period, using 194 shells. The village of Spartak in the northern suburbs of Donetsk, the village of Staromikhailovka in the west of the capital DPR, as well as the outer areas of Gorlovka and the southern villages of the Republic were under attack. Mortars, grenade launchers, weaponry of armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, as well as small arms, were used in the shelling.

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