Breaking News, 6th of March, 2018


The Washington Post, while referring to US officials, reports that the administration of the US President Donald Trump is considering the possibility of carrying out new a military operation in Syria in response to the alleged reports of the usage of chemical weapons by Asad troops. «At the beginning of last week, the president discussed possible actions at a meeting in the White House with the participation of the head of the administration, John Kelly, national security adviser Herbert McMaster and Secretary of Defense James Mattis,» the official said.

The US had to suspend ground operations of the entire coalition against the ISIS in the Euphrates River valley, because the Kurds from the Forces of Democratic Syria (SDS) went to war with the Turks in Afrin. This was stated by the representative of the Pentagon, Colonel Robert Manning. According to him, this is an «operational pause», which applies only to ground operations. Meanwhile, US Air Force continues to bomb the militants in the Euphrates area, TASS reports. More and more Kurds lately prefer to fight against Turkey in Afrin instead of participating in the operations of the US-led coalition.

Despite the agreements of a full and indefinite cease-fire that came into effect on 5th of March, the Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire agreement three times over the past day, firing 16 shells at the front-line territories of the DPR. During the shelling, mortars and small arms were used. Yasinovataya, Dokuchaevsk and Bezymynnoye village in the south of DPR were under fire.

The wheeled tank, which is based on the »Boomerang» vehicle platform, will be able to provide more effective fire support for the counterterrorism forces than the usual tracked IFVs. This was stated by the head of the developer organization «VPK». »The wheeled tank will provide excellent mobility to various army branches», RIA NEWS quotes the head of »VPK».

Motorcade of Ukrainian president Poroshenko hit an elderly man in the center of Kiev. The victim with injuries of moderate severity is hospitalized, Vesti Ukraina news agency reports. The escort vehicle, which hit the old man, stayed at the scene of the accident. The remaining cars from the procession continued to move. According to eyewitnesses, the column moved at a speed of about eighty kilometers per hour, and the old man tried to cross the road to a prohibiting signal.

In the east of Afghanistan, terrorists blew up an oil tank, resulting in the death of two people and injuries on two others. In addition, more than 30 roadside stores burnt down. The incident occurred on the road Jalalabad — Torkham. The explosive device was attached to the tank casing. None of the terrorist groups has so far taken responsibility for the attack. In Nangarhar, a border province with Pakistan, there is currently a gang war between the terrorist organizations «Taliban» and «Islamic State».

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