Breaking News, 7th of April, 2018


On Friday, the Ukrainian court in the city of Mariupol decided to fine the majority of crew members of the fishing vessel «Nord», detained by the Ukrainian coast guard almost two weeks ago in the Azov Sea. The court had no decisions regarding the last two sailors so far. The crew members are charged on the basis of »border trespassing», and now they must pay a fine of 100 to 300 non-taxable minimum incomes, or spend up to 15 days of administrative arrest, Interfax reports.

10 people were victims of clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli soldiers on the border of the Gaza Strip. This was reported by the representative of the Ministry of Health of Palestine Ashraf al-Kedra. Among the 10 dead Palestinians was a journalist who died in a hospital from a bullet wound, RIA NEWS reports. Current rally in the border zone, where thousands of residents of the Gaza Strip are gathering, essentially continue the protest gathering that began a week ago under the title of «The Great March of Return».

The US Treasury Department ordered American investors to get rid of the shares, and other securities, of the three Russian companies that fell under new sanctions, before May 7th. Those companies are »En +» group, the »GAZ» group and the »United Company Rusal», TASS news agency news agency reports. Until June 5th, the investors need to cancel the contracts entered with all 12 companies for which sanctions have been imposed. In addition, Americans must «roll back operations, contracts or any other agreements» with «legal entities, 50% of which directly or indirectly belong to these 12 companies.»

The soldiers of the US National Guard have moved to the borders with Mexico, as stated in a joint statement by Pentagon’s chief James Mattis and the head of the Ministry of Homeland Security, Kirsten Nielsen, RT reports. «National Guard troops are being put forward to support the mission of ensuring border security along the south-eastern border of the United States.» — the report explained. Earlier it became known that US President Donald Trump intends to send from 2 to 4 thousand soldiers of the National Guard to the border with Mexico.

As a result of the terrorist attack by Taliban militants in Afghanistan, at least two Afghan soldiers were killed at a military checkpoint, and three more were injured. This was reported by the television channel »Tolo news», with a reference to the military officials. The wounded soldiers were taken to the hospital.

Ukrainian forces fired at the LPR positions four times over the past day. Kalinovo and Kalinovka villages were under fire. In DPR. During the same period, Ukrainian troops violated the ceasefire agreements 23 times, firing 305 shells across the territory of the Republic. The outer areas of Donetsk, Gorlovka, Dokuchaevsk and the territories in the south of the Republic were under attack. During the shelling, mortars, grenade launchers, weaponry of infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, and small arms, were used.

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