Breaking news, November 10th, 2017


Six people killed in the collapse of the entrance to a building in Izhevsk were identified: two children, two women and two men. One of the dead — an employee or client atelier, located in the house, the rest — the residents of the collapsed part of the building. Three teenagers were also injured, one of them moderately. Let’s recall, that on Thursday, allegedly as a result of an explosion of domestic gas, there was a collapse of one of the entrances of a nine-story building.

The meeting of the heads of the United States and Russia Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at the APEC summit in Vietnam will not take place because of different schedules of the two presidents, NBC News reports, citing the White House press service. Earlier it was reported that the meeting of politicians was scheduled for November 10.

The White House denied the media reports that it had agreed to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine. «This is not true,» — said the representative of the White House Michael Anthony. Let’s recall, that Wall Street Journal earlier reported that the White House gave the principle consent to the delivery of anti-tank missile systems Javelin to Kiev. The exact implementation date, as the WSJ asserts, has not yet been determined.

In the north of the province of Hama, where the fighting continued for a long time, the Jaysh al-Izza grouping used the BM-21 «Grad» multiple rocket launching system against the facilities in the region of Mahard and Helfaya — the thermal station, the Tarabi camp and the medical aid station. Information on major clashes, similar to those that went during the past week, has not yet been reported.

According to the Syrian sources, an internal conflict between Islamist groups has resumed in the west of Aleppo province. «Hayat Tahrir al-Sham» launched a new offensive against their former allies from Kharakat Nureddin al-Zinka, shelling their positions in the area of Sheikh Sliman and Kabtan al-Jabal villages. Note that the conflict in the camp of jihadists began earlier amid a larger confrontation between the HTS and the group «Ahrar al-Sham.»

During the day passed the AFU violated the cease-fire regime 24 times in the DPR. During the shelling the AFU used mortars of various calibers, APCs and IFVs, grenade launchers and small arms. The areas of 15 front-line settlements of the Republic fell under enemy fire. The most intensive bombardments were inflicted on settlements in Donetsk and Mariupol directions.

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