Breaking News, November 12th, 2017


On the former the US airbase Bakar near the city Havidzha in the province Kirkuk in Iraq, it was found about 400 victims of the group «Islamic State of Iraq and Syria». Some of the dead are dressed in civilian uniforms, and some are in overalls, which the militants used for execution. The acting governor of Kirkuk, Rakan al-Juburi, confirmed the discovery of the dead and called on the central government to send a special commission to the burial site for the inspection and identification of the personalities of the deceased.

As part of the reconciliation arrangements in Syria, in province Aleppo 70 people laid down their arms and surrendered to the authorities, previously they were a part of illegal gangs operating in the east and north of the province. The member of the Committee on Reconciliation, Imadeddin Gkhadban noted that all measures have been met and conditions have been met for the rehabilitation of those who surrender and after the necessary verification, they will be allowed to return to their families.

On Saturday evening in Reims in the northeastern of France, police evacuated people from the railway station. The evacuation occurred after one of the passengers on the question «what time is it?» replied «there is still time to explode.» After such an answer, the police were immediately summoned that detained a suspicious person. The departure of all trains was canceled. On the territory of the city station, there is a search for an explosive device. The police do not rule out that such a response could be a joke.

The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran rejected the proposal of the president of France on the negotiations on the missile program. Earlier, Emmanuel Macron said that he was «worried» about the recent launch of a supposedly Iranian missile on the capital of Saudi Arabia. Macron stated, the issue of the missile program should be included in the terms of the nuclear deal.

According to the Pentagon, the air drone of the US Air Force destroyed a group of militants in Somalia. Militants of Al-Shabab (a local branch of the international group al-Qaida) gathered at a meeting 32 km north of Mogadishu, where they were destroyed. The exact number of dead soldiers was not reported.

The Vice-Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that Russia, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates negotiated the joint exploitation of the Baikonur cosmodrome. According to the official, the authorities of the United Arab Emirates are interested in this issue, and in the near future negotiations will continue directly at Baikonur.

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