Breaking news, November 13th, 2017


Hundreds of protesters went on a rally in the capital of the Philippines because of the visit of the US President Trump. The protesters opposed «imperialist aggression and long-term US domination in the Philippines» and demanded «to prohibit the entry of Trump.» The police used water to disperse the crowd. Trump has been in Manila since Sunday, where he arrived to participate in the ASEAN summit.

The Syrian Air Force attacked the ISIS positions in Abu Kamal and 25 kilometers north from there in Abbas, Deir ez-Zor province. During the attack in Abu Kamal, one of the leaders of terrorists, Khazem al-Bargash, was killed. He was a member of the ISIS council.

The forces of the Kurdish alliance SDF liberated the settlement of al-Busayr at the confluence of the Euphrates and Habur rivers, Deir ez-Zor province. As previously reported, this operation was announced by the Kurds after the liberation of a number of settlements in the valley of the Habur River. In northern Syria, al-Qamishli, Khasek province, SDF transported 13 women and 29 children of ISIS militant families to the specialists of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the parties.

The elite Syrian unit “Tiger Force” is conducting an offensive in the south of the province of Deir ez Zor, advancing 18 km towards the key city of Abu Kemal on the border with Iraq. According to the information from the field commander of the Tigers, the village of Bir Daham and Malham hill to the west of the city passed under the control of the government. Another group of troops cleared area to the south of the strategic road Damascus — Deir ez-Zor. The settlements of Bir al-Duhul, al-Khaba and Bir Akhdarmai were liberated here, not far from the cities of Bir-Gabaghib and Ash-Shula.

During the past day of the AFU violated the cease-fire regime 42 times in the DPR, firing 1,477 projectiles across the territory of the Republic. During the shelling, mortars of various calibers were used as well as APCs and IFVs weaponry, grenade launchers and small arms. The areas of 16 front-line settlements of the Republic fell under the fire of the AFU. In particular, Dokuchaevsk underwent a mortar attack, as a result of which, power transmission lines were damaged, part of the city was de-energized. Let’s recall that the night before the AFU delivered a blow at the village Octyabr in the south of the DNR, the settlement was also de-energized.

During the past day the AFU shelled the positions of the People’s Militia of the LPR 10 times. Kalinovo, Lozovoye, Nizhne Lozovoe, Sokolniki, Logvinovo, Kalinovka, Molodezhnoe, as well as the surroundings of the monument to Knyaz Igor at Luganskaya Stanitsa were shelled by means of mortars, weapons of the APC, antiaircraft guns, grenade launchers and small arms.

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