Breaking news, October 24th, 2017


In Kiev the Ukrainian radicals barricaded themselves and then ransacked Svyatoshinsky District Court. The supporters of the ex-commander of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists Nikolai Kokhanovsky blocked the courtroom, demanding the trial to be continued after it was postponed till Tuesday morning. The judge never returned to the hall, then the radicals blocked the courtroom. After that, the police tried to storm the court and used several tear gas grenades. In response, the nationalists ransacked the courtroom. The police of Ukraine managed to free courtroom from the nationalists. As a result, about 30 radicals were detained.

In the city of Mayadin, the Syrian Army supported by the Russian Air Force seized ISIS largest warehouse of weapons and armored vehicles. «We have seized the most moderm pieces of weaponry manufactured in the US, Belgium and Great Britain, which are in service in NATO countries. There are a lot of weapons and various means of communication of foreign production, «said Brigadier General of the Syrian Arab Army Suheil al-Hassan.

The Iraqi security forces exterminated 6 ISIS commanders as a result of a special operation in the province of Diyala. It is reported that the military leaders who escaped from Hawija tried to hide in the central regions of the country. They were captured and liquidated in the town of Surkh, north of Baqubah. Local sources also note that in the mountain areas of the province, the militants are still active and have some «sleeper cells» and underground groups there.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR detained another sabotage and reconnaissance group of the Ukrainian special forces. This unit was specialized in attacks on civil servants and deputies of various ranks in order to create an atmosphere of terror and distrust towards law enforcement bodies in the republic. The gang leader has been identified and is being searched. At the moment, the proof of the involvement of this unit in the commission of crimes is being collected. In particular, the double murder of deputies of the People’s Council.

The Russian Aero-Cosmic Forces inflicted an air strike on the positions of the group «Tahrir al-Sham» in the north of the province of Hama. The Syrian Army is conducting operations against the detachments of HTS in the east of the province, close to the settlement of Jubb Abyad. According to sources close to HTS, government troops launched an offensive «taking advantage» of the enveloping conflict between «Hayat» and the ISIS militants.

Another victim of the forest fires in Portugal died from burns in Porto hospital. Total toll is now 45 people, 70 people are injured. Let’s recall that earlier, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Portugal, Constanta Urbanu resigned because of the situation.

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