Breaking news, October 26th, 2017


During the past day the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the positions of the People’s Militia of the LPR nine times using large-caliber artillery guns. Pervomaisk, Frunze, Kalinovo, Lozovoye, Gelobok and Kalinovka were subjected to shelling by means of artillery pieces, mortars, APCs, grenade launchers and small arms.

According to the updated information, the toll of the explosion in Kiev, qualified as a terrorist attack, is two people: deputy Mosiychuk’s bodyguard and one passer-by. Four wounded are in hospital. Political scientist Vitaly Bala is in serious condition. Let’s recall that on Wednesday evening, a motorcycle parked near the building of “Espresso” TV channel exploded. The power of the explosive device was not less than a kilogram of TNT.

The 70th humanitarian convoy of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations has arrived in Donbass. Its unloading recently began in the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk. 28 trucks delivered 290 tons of baby food, medicines and fiction literature to the residents of the DPR. 15 other vehicles brought 145 tons of similar goods to the LPR people.

The Turkish army, together with pro-Turkish militants from the «Euphrates Shield» coalition, launched a new attack against the US-backed «Democratic forces of Syria» in the north-west of Aleppo province. Using the fortress of Semaan as their stronghold , the invading Turkish army and associated groups launched an attack on the village of Iska in the Sheravat district of Afrin, the Kurdish KhovarNews reported. The Turkish occupation army continues its attacks and invasion of the territory of Rojava in northern Syria.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, following the meeting of the Russia-NATO Council at the ambassadorial level, said that the Russian side had significantly understated the number of its troops participating in the West-2017 exercise. «NATO countries indicated that the number of personnel significantly exceeded the numbers previously announced by Russia, the plan itself was different, and the geographical coverage was wider,» the secretary general said.

According to a source from Iraq, the Iraqi army carried out shelling of territories controlled by the Kurds in the province of Al-Hasakeh to the east of the settlement of Suwaydiya without crossing the border. One killed and five wounded are reported.

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