China finished their testing of the S-400 Breaking News, 10th of January, 2019


»The Russian delegation will resume its work in PACE if certain amendments will be included in the regulations, that would prevent discrimination against the national delegations» — said Leonid Slutskii, the chairman of the Russian parliament’s international affairs committee. “We, the Russian delegation, will resume our participation in the work of PACE only when the regulations of the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council will include the amendments, preventing the deprivation of the authority of the delegations, formed by the parliament of a member-state of the Council of Europe” — RIA NEWS quotes his statement. Earlier, the Russian parliament received an offer from the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council to form a Russian delegation to participate in the January session of the assembly.

The Obolonskii District Court of the city of Kiev plans to hold a preparatory meeting on 10th of January in the case of the captain of the fishing seiner »Nord», Vladimir Gorbenko, Interfax reported while citing a statement of his lawyer Dmitry Shcherbin. The lawyer believes that the process can last for six months or longer. Vladimir Gorbenko is being accused of violation of the procedure of entering and exiting of the «occupied territory», as Ukraine calls the Crimea, and also — in illegal fishing.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry announced that Tokyo intends to promote the negotiation process with Russia on their basic position. This was reported in the Japanese Foreign Ministry. «The Japanese Government will continue to persist in negotiations on the basic position that assumes the conclusion of the peace treaty after resolving of the territorial problem» — RIA NEWS quotes a representative of the Japanese Foreign Ministry. Earlier, the Japanese ambassador to Russia was invited to the Russian Foreign Ministry due to the statements of the Japanese leadership on the Kuril Islands that distort the essence of the agreements of the leaders of the two countries. In particular, the statements about the need to “reach an understanding” when it comes to the inhabitants of the southern Kuriles on the issue of “transferring the territorial affiliation of the islands to Japan”, as well as “refusing to demand compensation from Russia in favor of Japan and the former Japanese residents for the post-war occupation of the islands».

A draft law was introduced in the Russian parliament that imposes a veto on the preparation of legal acts on the exclusion of the Kuril Islands from Russia. It also establishes the principles of the consideration of the territorial claims to Russia from Japan. The document underlines that the Kuril Islands «are an integral part of Russia, as parts of the Sakhalin region». The document also de-facto imposes a veto on the preparation of legal acts on the exclusion of those territories from Russia. “Legal acts containing provisions on the exclusion of the Kuril Islands are not subjects to ratification, publication, enactment and application” — the text explains. The clarification note says that this initiative was made in connection with the adoption by the Japanese Parliament an amendment to the law «On the Special Measures for the Forcing of the Solution of the Problem of the Northern Territories».

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