China is ready to assist Venezuela


Ted Cruz, a Republican Senator from Texas, as the chairman of the Senate Aviation and Space Sub-committee, called for a suspension of flights of the Boeing-737 MAX-8 aircraft in the United States “until the Federal Aviation Department confirms the safety of these aircraft” — TASS reports. Earlier, the European Aviation Safety Agency suspended all Boeing-737 MAX-8 flights in the EU. Dozens of other countries, such as Turkey, China, Mexico and South Korea did the same. The Boeing-737 MAX-8 crashed on 10th March in Ethiopia. 157 passengers died. This is the second crash of this type of aircraft in less than half a year

2. Venezuela

‘The electricity has mostly returned to the houses and streets of Caracas. The subway system in the capital of Venezuela still doesn’t run. There is also a serious shortage of water’ — TASS reports. For the most part, the streets are being lit by the street lighting and traffic lights. The small shops resumed their work. Large supermarkets have yet to open again. The situation with the mobile communication and mobile Internet has improved significantly. On the evening of 7th of March, the city of Caracas, and most of Venezuela, were left without the power supply. President Nicolas Maduro described the event as an “electric war” against Caracas started by the “American imperialism” and their accomplices in the local energy company

3 the United Kingdom

On Tuesday, the British House of Commons voted once again against the Brexit agreement, made by the Prime Minister Theresa May with Brussels — Interfax reports. 391 members of parliament voter ‘Against’, 242 voted ‘for’. After failing the first ballot — Theresa May tried to get the “insurance plan” guarantees from the EU for the Irish border, the agreement on which displeased many members of the parliament. After the refusal of the House of Commons to approve the deal with the EU — Theresa May announced that on 13th of March the parliamentarians will be able to vote on a Brexit without a deal with Brussels. She also confirmed that if the parliamentarians reject the Brexit without a deal — on 14th of March there will be a vote in the House of Commons on a possible postponing of the date of the Brexit from 29th of March to a later date.

4 China — Venezuela

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Lu Kahn, announced that the Chinese authorities are ready to assist Venezuela in the repair of the power supply systems. “China is ready to provide assistance and technical support to Venezuela in the repair of the power supply system” — RIA NEWS quotes Lu Kahn. He didn’t answer the question whether or not the Chinese experts would be involved in the investigation of the causes of the power outages in Venezuela. Earlier, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced his intention to ask for help from a number of foreign states, in particular Russia and China, for the investigation of the attack on the Venezuelan power system.

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