Donbass, March 11th, 2018


Using the ceasefire agreement, the Ukrainian side continues to build up the force grouping; the enemy openly violates the Minsk agreements in the part concerning the disposition of heavy weapons without even trying to hide these facts, Eduard Basurin said. The instruction firing was conducted at the training ground near Bogoyavlenka of the Maryinsky district, 24 km from the contact line.

The forensic medical examination of the DPR confirmed the violent death of the soldier of the Armed Forces of the Republic Yevgeny Toropkin, who was captured by the Kiev forces on the 2nd of March in the southern sector of the front. “It was a real murder. But before killing, tortured him, «said Eduard Basurin. Experts also found out that skin flaps, which were damaged, were removed from the body, truncated, and the skin was simply sewn. Perhaps it was done to hide injuries.

Ukrainian forces intensified reconnaissance using air drones on the contact line, including for adjusting the artillery units’ fire. The day before, near the village Smeloe, during the flight over positions of the People’s Militia, a forced landing of the air drone was carried out. According to information published in social networks by Ukrainian volunteers, a complex of radio suppression of the AFU operates in the village Grechishkino of the Novoaydarsk district. Specialists of electronic warfare suppress control signals of air drones.

An explosion occurred in the Kirov district of Donetsk on the 9th of March. Two people were killed and six were injured, the representative of the administration said.

The reconnaissance group of the nationalist battalion «The Right Sector» carried out a provocative shelling at the contact line in the settlement Schastye to disrupt the «absolute armistice» in Donbass and accused the People’s Militia of violating the ceasefire, a representative of the People’s Militia said.

The explosion of the car occurred near the republican sports center «Olympic» in the center of Donetsk. Оne person was killed, one was injured. According to eyewitnesses, the street traffic on this road was blocked. Details of the incident are specified.

The Ukrainian side is not ready to fulfill its obligations in Minsk. The People’s Militia has already launched an alarm white missile 19 times and more than 74 times informed the Ukrainian side that they are ready to withdraw their forces, Andrey Marochko said.

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