Donbass, May 20th, 2018


Civilians of Gorlovka and nearby settlements were under Ukrainian fire once again. Kiev forces sought to cause maximum civilian casualties — this is evidenced by the type of ammunition used by the AFU. After intensifying the bombardment and attempting to break in the Gorlovka area, the command of the Armed Forces of the DPR decided to strengthen this sector of the front by one of the most combat-capable units — a separate assault battalion «Somalia».

8 civilians and a soldier were injured. 25 houses were damaged. 2 civilians and 2 soldiers were killed for a week in Donbass, including the commander of the battalion “Pyatnashka” Oleg Mamaev. He suffered a mortal wound on the front line in Avdeevka. He was a commander who was respected and proud. Mamaev was awarded the highest awards of the Republic. The battalion «Pyatnashka» defends one of the most dangerous areas on the outskirts of Donetsk. And as a commander, Oleg was always at the front with his fighters.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire on the Donetsk filtration station from multiple launch rocket systems “Grad”, the head of the representative office of the DPR in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the ceasefire Ruslan Yakubov said. Donetsk asked for security guarantees from Kiev to repair station. Yakubov pointed out that the Donetsk People’s Republic guarantees the ceasefire regime. To speed up the process, the DPR calls on the OSCE mission to provide assistance.

The Armed Forces of the DPR and volunteers of the humanitarian group «Angel» delivered heaters to residents of the village Gagarin mine, which have to hide in bomb shelters from Ukrainian bombardments. At the time of delivery, another shelling began and volunteers had to hide together with people in the bomb shelter.

As a result of shelling from the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village Sakhanka, the building of the school canteen was damaged. Kiev forces used a guided anti-tank missile, the head of the administration of the Novoazovsky district of the DPR Anatoly Yanovskiy reported. During the shelling, the children went down in the basement. Currently, 28 children study at school.

A soldier of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion «Azov» refused to shake Poroshenko’s hand. It is reported by UNIAN. The incident occurred during the awards ceremony of the Invictus Games. On the shots published by the party the National Corps on YouTube, you can see how Oleg Tolmachev takes turns to greet the participants of the ceremony. Having reached Poroshenko, the man ignored the president’s outstretched hand and walked past him. Tolmachev did not react to Poroshenko, even when the Ukrainian leader patted him on the shoulder.

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