Fight with the leftovers of the ISIS terrorists in Iraq


On Monday, Iraqi armed forces launched an operation against the ISIS in the provinces near the border with Syria — TASS reports while citing a statement of the spokesman for the Command of the Iraqi joint operations — General Yahya Rasoul. “The operation is being conducted in the desert areas of Salah al-Din, Nineveh, and Anbar provinces, on the border with Syria. The goal of the campaign, which involves infantry and air forces, is to eliminate the leftovers of the ISIS gangs, to prevent security violations, and terrorist infiltrations” — the general said

2 Venezuela

The leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaydo, intends to demand the ‘Lima Group’ to forcefully overthrow the legitimate president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro — said the representative of Venezuela in the organization, Julio Borges. He announced that the Venezuelan opposition plans to meet with the Lima Group on Monday, in the Colombian city of Bogota. “Together with President Juan Guaydo, we will demand increased diplomatic pressure, and the use of force against the dictatorship of Nicholas Maduro” — TASS quotes his words

3 the United

Kingdom The Cabinet of the British Prime Minister Theresa May is looking for a way to postpone the Brexit for 2 months — TASS reports while citing The Daily Telegraph. According to the sources of The Daily Telegraph, a plan has been made in the cabinet of the head of the UK government, with which Theresa May will formally appeal to the EU if by 12th of March the British parliament still won’t be ready to approve the draft Brexit agreement. As Theresa May said on Sunday — the vote on the new draft deal with Brussels should take place in the parliament up to that day. The current version was rejected by the parliamentarians on 15th of January

4 Syria

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria: The Syrian Free Army released a statement that the pro-Turkish militants are ready to begin a new phase of the ‘search and destroy’ operation, aimed at the Kurdish underground groups in Northern Aleppo. The Kurdish »People’s self-defense detachments» are carrying out underground attacks on the territories, currently occupied by the «Syrian Free Army», in order to inflict the greatest possible damage to their manpower, thus avenging the loss of the Afrin region.

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