Fighting on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. || Спецпроект 26.12.2021


This is a special program from the ANNA NEWS, I am Constantine Reztsov.

Battles between the Taliban terrorists and the Pakistani army took place on the Afghan-Pakistani border, in the Kunar province. Both sides used artillery and MLRS.

The first strike was made by the Pakistani military. The purpose of the shelling was to destroy the fortifications and weapon stashes of the terrorists from the Pakistani branch of the Taliban, ’’Tehreek-e-Taliban’’. They were hiding on the Afghan territory after they committed some terrorist acts in Pakistan. After that, the Taliban began to retaliate with artillery against the Pakistanis. As a result, a border fight broke out in the area between Kunar and Bajaur.

Earlier, the Pakistani military shelled the Afghan territory several times while trying to kill a commander from the ’’Tehreek-e-Taliban’’, who was hiding in the Kunar province. His men made an attack on a Pakistani army patrol in Baluchistan. The attack killed 2 soldiers. Currently the Taliban are actively sending reinforcements to the Afghan-Pakistani border.

The «Tehreek-e-Taliban» political party is the political affiliate of the Pakistani Taliban movement — the ’’Tehreek-e-Taliban’’. The ’’Tehreek-e-Taliban’’ is a less negotiable organization than the Afghan Taliban.

Back in April, the political party ’’Tehreek-e-Labayk’’ organized massive demonstrations in Pakistan. They expressed an outrage at the position of Paris that was defending the right to publish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in the name of the freedom of speech.

The protest actions swept all major cities of Pakistan, and then turned into riots. During the clashes, both sides used firearms. Some Pakistani servicemen, involved in the suppressing of the protests, began to join the Islamists. Up to 100 people died back then.

The ’’ANNA NEWS’’ follows the events. Stay tuned.

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