Fire in a children’s camp


The Central Election Commission of Ukraine hasn’t noticed any serious violations during the early elections to the Ukrainian parliament. The elections were declared as valid. This was stated by the head of the central election commission — Tatiana Slipachuk. “Today we can say that there were no such events that would question the parliamentary campaign. The campaign is over» — Tatiana Slipachuk explained. According to the data of the Central Election Commission, after processing 30.9% of the voting protocols, the leader of the election is the party “Servant of the People” — it is the party of the Ukrainian President — Vladimir Zelensky. After processing 50% of the electronic bulletins — the party has more than 42% of votes. In total, five parties are being elected to the Ukrainian parliament.

Another massive power outage took place in the capital of Venezuela, the city of Caracas, and all 23 states of the country — the ‘El Nacional’ reports. As the ‘El Nacional’ noted — this blackout was the fifth one since the beginning of the year. Jorge Rodriguez, the Venezuelan Minister of Communications and Information, tweeted that the cause of the outages are the «electro-magnetic attacks» on the hydroelectric station in Ciudad-Guayana that generates more than a half of the country’s electricity. The chairman of the Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, accused the US authorities of attacking the Venezuelan power system. Back in March, an accident occurred at the country’s largest hydroelectric power plant, El Guri, in the state of Bolivar. At least 20 of the 23 states were left without electricity. The work of the enterprises and the government institutions all over the country was stopped for almost a week.

By the end of this week, the Indian armed forces plan to hold their first military and space exercises «IndSpaceEx» — TASS reports with a reference to the Indian government newspaper ‘Times of India’. «The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the anti-satellite weapon tests, conducted back in March of 2019, will increase our country’s defenses. In accordance with this statement, the ‘IndSpaceEx’ will demonstrate the possible responses of Indian troops to the military escalations in space» — an Indian government source told to the »Times of India». According to the source — due to the growing offensive capabilities of China — «India is obliged to create conditions for the protection of its interests in space»

The British politician Boris Johnson was declared the new leader of the UK-ruling Conservative Party. He officially took over as the Prime Minister of the UK. He replaced Theresa May on this post — back in May she announced that soon she’ll quit her current post due to the inability to carry out the Brexit — TASS reports. In the evening, Boris Johnson began forming the new government. Namely — he appointed the former deputy head of the Ministry of the Interior affairs for the security and economic crimes, Ben Wallace, as the new Minister of Defense. Gavin Williamson, who previously held this post, was appointed as the new Minister of Education of the UK.

On Thursday, in the Khabarovsk Region, the local court arrested Maxim Kuznetsov, the director of the ‘Holdomi’ tent camp, for two months — a representative of the court told to the Interfax. The court is currently deciding on the degree of punishment for the director of the commercial organization that owned the camp, Vitaly Burlakov. As well as for an employee of the Russian Emergency Service — Eduard Novgorodtsev. A fire took place in the tent camp on the night of 23rd of July. 20 tents burnt down, six more suffered from the fire. In total, there were 189 children in the camp, aged 7 to 15 years old. An 11-year-old girl died during the fire. 3 more children died in a hospital from the received burns.

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced that the DPRK conducted «a test of new tactical weapons» as a warning to the «militarists» that are «deploying advanced weapons in South Korea, and perform military exercises» — TASS reports. Kim Jong-un personally supervised the missile launches. He was pleased with the «features of the tactical guided missile — low-altitude gliding, and a sharp transition into its flight orbit, which makes it difficult to intercept the missile». North Korea announced the plans of further development of the «heavy weapon systems» in order to prevent «the direct threats from the south.» Earlier, the National Security Council of South Korea announced that the DPRK has tested a new type of short-range ballistic missile, similar in technical characteristics to the Russian missile system ‘Iskander’. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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