Georgia will support the NATO in the Black Sea || Breaking News, 15th of February, 2019


Donald Trump is ready to declare a state of emergency in the United States. This was announced by the Senate Majority Leader, republican Mitch McConnell. He explained that the US president is going to sign a bill on the government funding, in order to avoid a new shutdown. The problem of funding of the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico still remains, so Donald Trump «will sign a declaration on the introduction of a state of emergency in the country» — TASS reports. The state of emergency will allow Donald Trump to increase the funds for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, since the current draft budget, which is being considered by the Congress, allows only about $ 1.5 billions of dollars for this purpose, instead of $ 6 billions of dollars requested by the US president

The lower house of the British Parliament voted against the amendment on the Brexit. The policy of the head of the UK’s government, Theresa May, aimed on the exit of the UK from the EU was thus rejected by the majority vote in the House of Commons during a parliamentary meeting — TASS reports. According to the terms of the amendment — the British Parliament needed to hold a new vote on the approval of the deal between London and Brussels until 27th of February

A delegation from the EU Parliament will arrive in Venezuela on 17th of February. They will meet with the head of the National Assembly, Juan Guaido, who declared himself the president of the country, the EFE agency reports while citing their sources. According to the EFE — a delegation of 6 people will meet with the opposition leader Juan Guaydo, and with the ambassadors of European countries. On 31st of January, the EU Parliament recognized Juan Guaido as the “legitimate interim president”, and urged the EU countries to do the same.

On 18th of February, the foreign ministers of 28 EU countries will discuss the issues of shipping through the Kerch Strait, and the possible introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions due to the incident with the detention of the Ukrainian ships — TASS reports while referring to the statement of the EU representative. «They will discuss the situation around the Sea of Azov and the increased militarization of the zone, the possible socio-economic support from the EU to the region, and the issue of free passage through the Kerch Strait» — the diplomat said. According to the representative — the ministers aren’t expected to make the official final document on Ukraine. The EU Council will once again «urge Russia to free the Ukrainian sailors, and ensure free navigation through the Kerch Strait»

The new version of the ‘Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act’ — DASKA — introduced to the US Congress on 13th of February, makes the potential sanctions against the Russian state banks a bit softer. The previous version of the document urged the US president to block the assets and the operations of one or several Russian state banks within the limits of the American jurisdiction. In the new version of the draft law, the American president is required to block the assets and operations of any Russian financial institution that, as the US president himself clarified, «provided financial or other support for the purpose of interference of the Russian government in the democratic process or election of any other country». The new potential US sanctions are directed against the banking and energy sectors of the economy, the Russian public debt, and the Russian projects on the liquefied natural gas, located abroad.

Georgia will enthusiastically support the enhanced of the NATO presence in the Black Sea region. This was stated by Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani during the consultations on the issues of Black Sea security during the 55th Munich Security Conference. According to David Zalkaliani — it will reinforce the peace and stability of the region. He also mentioned the need for »the development of a comprehensive and long-term NATO strategy, that will allow to deal with the threats to security with the active participation of the NATO and their partners from the Black Sea region” — TASS reports.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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