Guaido urges the EU to impose sanctions against Maduro


The Venezuelan Supreme Court banned the opposition leader Juan Guaido from leaving the country — Interfax reports. The court also banned his bank accounts, and forbidden any transactions with the property of Juan Guaido. Juan Guaido proclaimed himself as an interim president of the country during a protest rally against the government during the last week. The United States and a number of their allies recognized the opposition leader as the legitimate president of Venezuela. A group of previously deserted Venezuelan military went on the CNN to make an appeal to the US authorities. They asked to provide them with weapons and equipment to fight the current government of the country. The CNN noted that all the deserters are currently «living outside of their country».

The Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans to amend the ‘Middle East bill’ against the «hasty withdrawal of the US troops from Syria» — Interfax reported while citing the CNN. “The amendment recognizes the danger of a hasty exit from any conflict, and underlines the need for the diplomatic participation and political solution to the conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan” — said Mitch McConnell. He added that his amendment «recognizes the obvious fact that al-Qaida, ISIS, and their affiliates still pose a serious threat» for the United States. «My amendment will also call for the further support from the US military and our partners, until the terrorists are defeated» — said the senator. In his turn, Senator John Kennedy proposed an amendment that would allow Donald Trump to use the US military to protect the Kurds in Syria.

The US State Department approved the sale of two ‘Aegis’ missile defense systems, worth of more than $ 2 billions of dollars, to Japan — RIA NEWS reports while citing the Pentagon’s Defense and Security Agency. “This sale will provide the Japanese government with expanded capabilities against the increasingly complex threats from the ballistic missiles. And it will create enhanced, multi-level defense on their territory. Japan already has Aegis — they won’t have any difficulty adopting this system into their armed forces” — the agency said. It was noted that through this deal, the US will increase the security of their ally, which makes up the political stability in the entire Asia-Pacific region, which is vital for the US national interests — the agency stressed.

The Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido urged the EU, and especially Germany, to impose sanctions on the government of Nicolas Maduro, following the example of the United States. He made this statement during an interview to the newspaper ‘Bild’. The interview was published on Wednesday. “We need new sanctions from the EU,” said Guaido, “We are grateful to Germany, and the rest of Europe, for the support to the activists who had to flee. We hope that the EU won’t just threaten Nicolas Maduro with an ultimatum, but will also take measures later” — he added.

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