Hundreds of terrorists are free after the Turkish operation


1 Russia

“Several hundred ISIS terrorists escaped prisons after the Turkish operation in Syria” — the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov told to the ‘RIA NEWS’ during an interview. There is no exact information on the number of terrorists who might be free by now. “According to the information available at the moment, we are talking about several hundred terrorists that escaped from their places of imprisonment” — Syromolotov specified. He expressed his concern that the escaped terrorists could restore the combat potential of the ISIS.

2 Kazakhstan

In the city of Nur Sultan, on 10th and 11th of December, an international meeting, aimed to resolve the situation in Syria, will take place. This was announced on Friday, by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Mukhtar Tleuberdi. The 13th international meeting on Syria was held in the capital of Kazakhstan on 1st and 2nd of August. It was attended by delegations from the guarantor states: Russia, Iran, and Turkey. Also there were delegations from the Syrian government and from the Syrian armed opposition.

3 The USA — Turkey

«The US are offering Turkey to »destroy, return, or dispose» of Russian S-400 AA missile systems» — a senior state department official announced. The statement was published by the US foreign ministry. A senior State Department official underlined that in order to return to the negotiations, and to avoid sanctions — Turkey must «somehow get rid of the S-400s». Ankara still has an opportunity to buy the ‘Patriot» air defense systems from the USA. Those systems, allegedly, can «truly satisfy the Turkish needs for the air defense». The Turkish government doesn’t consider the abandonment of the Russian S-400 air defense systems to be possible.

4 Russia

The next test launch of the newest Russian hypersonic anti-ship missile ‘Zircon’ will be carried out at the Northern Fleet’s marine training area, before the end of this year» — TASS reports while citing its source in the military ranks of the Russian North-Western Federal District. The launch of ‘Zircon’ will be carried out from the White Sea, before the end of the year. The exact date wasn’t announced.

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